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Update + Ocean Breeze Halter

Yes, I am still alive. Life has been quite hectic lately, especially just before my kids got out of school.

I’m still pretty busy crocheting and even knitting. I have started on my very first pair of knit socks. They are a toe-up pattern that is worked on a set of circular needles called the Magic Loop and I love it so far. Crochet is still my first love, but on those days that I need something different, knitting fits the bill.

I have a few projects going on right now, besides the socks. I am working on a Linen Broomstick Lace summer wrap that I think that I’m going to call Summer Breeze, the socks, and a pair of crocheted and a pair of knitted fingerless gloves. I finished a shrug that I started awhile ago, I have most of it written down, but I think that I have to tweak the different sizes finish writing it and get it tested, the only thing that I have ever designer with sizes were a pair of sandals. I also finished a summer halter today. It was very quick, considering that it went from my brain straight to my hook. I’m pretty happy with it. I’m am going to have to try to remember how I made it and write it down and figure out sizing for it, just in case anyone is interested in the pattern.

Ocean Breeze Halter

Ocean Breaze Halter

Ocean Breeze Halter


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