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June 2007- Cap & Amigurumi Toy

June 20, 2007: News boy cap

My daughter wanted a new hat, a specific hat, like one that I made her last year, but one of her school class mates stole it.

It’s a revised version of the ’70s news boy caps from a pattern that I found in a mag a couple of years ago.


June 30, 2007: Hot Pink DA-LEK

I finally finished it! My daughters Hot Pink and Black Dalek.
This one is completely my design, it is more models from the new series Dalek models.
I am very happy with the way the arms and eye stalk turned out this time and I figured out a way to “stiffen” them with still keeping them child friendly. I am happy with the “chest plate” area between the arms. I love post stitches! The entire body was made in one piece, with the plunger cup, the actual “eye”, and the “voice lights” made separately, then sewn on.

To give a little more stability at the base, I cut out a piece of plastic canvas, and inserted it after stuffing, then crocheted around it. My first one turned in to a “weeble” after my son started to carry it around more lol Every time I look at it, all that I can hear in my head is “Weeble wobble, but they don’t fall down” LOL

My daughter actually squee’d for the first time over one of my crocheted projects for her and it was when I showed her what I did with the eye. I made a “lens” for it, by sewing in a transparent cobalt blue size 6 seed bead in to the crocheted “eye”. I wish that I was able to get a close up picture of the eye, but my camera sucks, being that its my phone and I haven’t anything else.

I apologize for how poorly these came out. I even tried to touch them up on my photoshop, but it didn’t work as well as I hoped.


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