"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

I have the Awesome-est Friends EVER!

So, My 40th birthday was about 2 weeks ago and now, at my age, I don’t think much about my birthday, let alone getting gifts, I save all of that for my kids.

Well, the Saturday before my birthday, one of my knitting friends kept bugging me on whether or not I was going to show up for knitting on Sunday at our local Panera Bread and I told her that I wasn’t sure because I had to check on some other things first. As it turned out I was able to go. I get there on Sunday and it was just a rather small group of our usually rather large group of knitters that normally come out. About 20 minute after I get there, one of the Panera managers that I know comes over to our regular corner bring one of their chocolate frosted brownies (which is the size of a one layer cake and my favourite!) with candles! I also got a card signed by them. It was alot of fun! We spent practically the entire day at Panera!

Then on my actual birthday, which happened to be on a Tuesday, my husband said that he was going to take me out, but wouldn’t tell me where. I assumed that he was going to take me out to dinner at a nice restaurant, but no! He arranged a surprise party for me, and boy was it a surprise! One wouldn’t think of a party on a weeknight! It was at our friends Joe and Aimee’s and Aimee made the most delicious cupcake ever! They were red velvet cake with the best cream cheese lemon frosting, YUM!

Well now, 2 weeks after my birthday, The same young lady asked me if I wanted to go knitting again at Panera on Sunday and I said sure. She picked me up, leaving some Easter gifts for my kids and we leave. When we get to Panera, I ignore the fact that she is carrying a gift bag with her. I just assume that maybe its for another knitter coming to join us. WRONG AGAIN! It was for me. I opened it and it was a set of the Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needles from Knit Picks! It was from her and another friend. Yes, I did cry lol

Yesterday, this same young lady called me and said that she was making another order from Knit Picks and asked if I wanted anything to save on shipping. I said that’d be great, but I don’t have the money and I don’t know when I could pay her back. She said don’t worry about it and just pay her back when I can. Well, I’m getting the new 4″ Harmony Wood Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set! I am so excited and cannot wait until they come in!

Right now, I restarted my Adams Shawl using my new Harmony needles and I love them! I wasn’t that far into the shawl and I had so many mistakes anyway, so I didn’t mind frogging it.


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