"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

Tangled up in my Knitting

I’m taking a break fro my Adamas shawl. It’s been a bit of a stressful week and the fine lace yarn was getting a bit frustrating to work with every time I somehow lost stitches. This being my first time knitting lace, I want to enjoy the process not think it work. I think that I’m beginning to become a pro at tinking back on lace though lol

Last night I decided to pick up some needles larger than a 5 and some worsted weight yarn. I went through my pattern binder (not much in it yet) and found that I had printed up a headband that I had queued to Ravelry a while ago called Tangled by Emily McLaughlin. I took out the pattern, grabbed my size 8 bamboo straight needles (the pattern calls for a 7, but I have a tendency to knit tight) and went through my odds and ends yarn stash and found an odd ball of Peaches & Cream cotton in Winterberry that someone gave me ages ago. I only have the one ball in that colourway and I like the colours in it too much to just make dishcloths with it.

So, last night after less than a couple hours, I had this:

I love it! I have another started a darker colourway. For my second one I’m using Sugar ‘n Cream in Midnight Magic. Like the Peaches & Cream, it was given to me, the only ball and I liked the colourway to much for dishcloths. I’ll post a photo when I have that one done too.

I also thought, because of the braided look of the cable, it would be fun to make this headband in a colour close to my hair colour. That is when I go back to my natural dark brown, which should be soon lol The blonde is too much for me to keep up with the roots growing out. It was fun for awhile, but I’m ready to go back brunette. 🙂


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