"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

Still here and very busy.

Well, I’ve had to take a break from designing for a short time for a very big project my MIL asked me to do.

I am crocheting 6 of the Crocheted Lazy Days of Summer top (the picture on the page is different than the actual design for some reason), 2 in each size and each one in a different colour. My inlaws are renewing their vows on their 40th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii the first week in July, but I have to have these done before the 18th of June before the flight out (spending 2 weeks there). My Mother-inlaw wanted one of these tops for each of us girls. One for her and her (adult) daughter, me and my daughter and a family friend and her (adult) daughter to wear on the occasion with coordinating tank tops and skirts/shorts.

The quest for the yarn was an adventure in itself. None of my LYS’s carry Lustersheen anymore and it was difficult finding enough in all of the colours in something comparable at JoAnn’s or Micheal’s, so I went to my LSYS, Neighborhood Knits and I found something that works, Berrocco Comfort DK. It was about .50$-1$ usd more per ball/skein than what I budgeted for, but my MIL reimbursed me the money for the yarn.

So far I have 2 1/2 done with 3 more to go. Why am I blogging you ask? Because I like do my blogging in the morning when the kids are in school (which is only for about one more week) 🙂

crocheted top- rosebud
crocheted top- lovage

The other 4 colours are Beetroot (burgundy), Navy Blue, Teaberry (mauve) and Barley (natural). The top photo is Rosebud and the bottom photo is Lovage (the photo doesn’t give the colour any justice. It is a forest-y green colour)


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