"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

I think I’ve finally settled…

I was never happy with a “name” for myself, or I should say, a “name” for my blog-o-stuff blog/pattern shop blog, but I think I settles on something I like and it all started with my old crochet journal on Livejournal. A friend of my came up with “Crochet by Midknight“, a play on my user name and the time of night. That was before I was knitting…

Now I’m knitting and slowly starting to write knitting patterns along with writing crochet patterns and I wanted a name that would incorporate both. I tried a couple different ones: “Hooks and Needled by Midknight”, “Midknight Fiber Designs”, but they really didn’t sit too well with me.

About 2 months about I created a new art journal on Livejournal that I call “Art by Midknight“…

Today it hit me, and yes I’m slow… Why not just “…by Midknight”?

And I love it

And that is what it will stay 😀


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