"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

New Year brings Changes

I know that I haven’t been keeping up here the way that I probably should be and I’m going to try to be better about it this year.

I decided to start off with a new theme and background made by myself and I changed my sites tagline to a quote by the actress, Amanda Tapping;

“Live peace – Speak kindness – Dwell in possibility. “

I think she said so much with so few words.

Very inspirational words to live by, I think.


The beginning of last year was a very difficult year for me, it was very difficult for me to get back into knitting and crocheting after my grandmother passed away in the fall of 2011. The very last thing that I designed and crocheted was her burial shawl. She had Alzheimer’s and was very ill and was in hospice, so we knew it would be soon, so I worked on the shawl up until the last moment before her funeral. It wasn’t a long shawl, more of a short scarf-like triangle shawl, in white cotton thread. She would have loved it.

I know that she wouldn’t have wanted me to stop crocheting for anything, but it was just too emotionally draining for me for the 1st half of last year. I did pick up the needles and started working on some knit projects that I had started on last summer and even started to design a pair of socks… which I have one sock finished and the notes for the pattern and a rough chart graphed out for the lace pattern. I really should get that 2nd sock finished and write out that pattern lol It seemed that when I felt like things were settling down, things would muck right back up again *sigh*

Here it is almost the end of January of 2013 and I still don’t know what really happened to 2012! It went by way too fast and too much like a roller coaster.

This year I am really going to try to get more patterns written and posted.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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