"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

Back to Designing Again

I’ve been inspired to design again. I haven’t picked up a hook in well over a year, but ideas recently started flooding my brain.

A week ago, I crocheted my first Fascinator, a cute tiny little top hat with a ruffled brim, that I still need to sew in clips and embellish. I made it without a pattern and I’m thinking about writing it down and posting it as a free download. It’s a very simple project and the crocheting of it only takes a couple of hours to finish. I also have an idea for a pointy witches style fascinator also.

Last night I finally taught myself the Crocodile Stitch (aka Dragon Scale) that has been so popular for the past year. While working on the practice swatch, I got an idea for a Dragon Scale Shrug. If my idea works out, I will most likely put out a call for testers, because I hope it would be a pattern I could actually sell.

I do still have a knit sock pattern that I started to design a few years ago that I hope to finish and post too, but I’m not sure when though.



(The photo of the crocodile stitch is my practice swatch, I’m using a different yarn for the shrug)


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