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Dragon Scale Shrug WIP

The back of my Dragon Scale Shrug is done, complete with armholes and ruffle collar. Getting ready to make the sleeves.

I originally was going to make it in worsted weight yarn, but that didn’t work out so well. I decided to make it in size 10 crochet cotton, but I have a couple of balls of Patons Lace that I think would work nicely for this project also.

Right now it’s in a size small/medium, so I still have the math to look forward to for the bigger sizes.

My daughter, who is modeling this, is 6ft tall, and broad shouldered with long arms, and generally wears a medium in her tops. This shrug is meant to be worn a bit on the snug side, but I’m hoping that I have it worked out so that there is plenty room around the underarm for comfort.




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