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Update: Dragon Scale Shrug WIP

Progress is going well, I think. This weekend though I took a break from the sleeve I was working on in thread, to try out this idea in the Patons Lace.

Patons Lace is an acrylic/mohair/wool blend yarn that is a size 2/fine yarn. I crocheted a shrug back using the same size hook I used with the thread.


The thread one needs to be blocked to measurements, so it looks smaller, although when it’s slightly stretched, it measures the same as the one in Patons Lace.




I really like this pattern in the Patons Lace better than in the thread, I like the softness and feel of the yarn in this stitch pattern, compared to the cotton, although the stitch definition is much more pronounced in the thread. Most likely I will write the pattern for the Patons Lace, but will let people know it can be made with the thread too, if wanted, probably with a few adjustments.


Sleeve progress:
I have about 3 to 4 inches to go on it.



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