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On Naming my Shrug Pattern and Other Things

So, that dragon scale shrug crochet pattern I’ve been working on, I’ve been thinking that I want a different name for it and I was thinking maybe I could call it “Daenerys”. I’m not sure yet, I’ll wait until it’s completely finished and assembled before I actually decide, I think.

I have 102/112 rounds on the sleeve now done, then 17 rows for the shoulder cap, and the the second sleeve for the shrug is finished. Assembly after that, then writing out the pattern from the notes I took and calculating for the other sizes. This one is a medium.

Once I have all of that done, I will be putting out a call for pattern testers. I already have one volunteer for testing so far. I’ll have a size range of small to 1X, at least, and I’m going to need at least one tester per size, preferably two testers per size, and I already have one for the 1X, so far.

I’ll have more details about testing after I have the pattern completely written.

I am kind of nervous too, because this is my very first design in apparel with multiple sizes that’s not a pair of hand-knitted socks.

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