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Update: Dragon Scale Shrug Pattern

The rough draft V.1 is ready and I have testers for the 1X and 2X/3X, 1 tester each so far, but I could use more. I’m still looking for testers for the small, medium, and large, but I could still have additional testers for the plus sizes. The back measurements are 15”x8” (16″x9”, 17”x10”, 18”x11”, 19”x12”, 20”x13”), but the important measurement is for the width (shoulder to shoulder), and I made the sleeve length customizable.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that all of the terminology in the pattern are in US crochet terms: US single crochet = UK double crochet, US double crochet = UK treble, etc…

If interested, please message me on …by Midknight on Facebook or email me at midknightstarr@gmail.com

Also, you can see my original post for more details.

Thanks 🙂

front and back shrug


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