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Update: Dragon Scale Shrug

I have pretty much completed the blue shrug, except for the ties. I ran out of yarn. I was so close in guessing how much Patons Lace I needed and it now gives me a better idea for how much should be put in the pattern. I still need to get photos of it though.

I also did a couple of adjustments to the original thread version. I still want to dye it, I thought of tea dying, but I started thinking of making raspberry dye. I have tons of raspberry canes in my garden, so I get tons of raspberries every season and I thought it would be pretty in a raspberry/purple color too.

I am still looking for testers for the pattern too. All info can be found in THIS POST and THIS POST.

I have started on another version of the shrug. My daughter co-designed it and I plan on writing that one out to sell also. This one will have a more “younger” look to it. There will be a “spine” down the back of it, the sleeves will have a snugger fit, and there will be lace at the wrist to go down over the hands. I’ll be posting photos of it when I have more of it done.


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