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New Shrug Pattern in the works

I posted last night that I had started the Dragon Shrug for my daughter. I am very excited about this one. My daughter has been helping me design this one, it started with the idea of the first one, then she started asking about some changes and additions and her questions and ideas led to some other ideas of my own. It will have more embellishments than the first and will have a snugger fit and I think it will only be sized from small-large. We realized that the medium size, although it fits well enough, it doesn’t have the snug fit across the back for us that we hoped, it has more of an ease to it. So I guess if you need a snugger fit, go a size smaller 🙂

I started on the back, but got to a certain point when I realized that the length of the back is dependent on the width of the sleeve at the underarm. I’m not very good at math and I always do better when I have the physical piece to visualize what is needed. I’ve read the “how to’s” of design, with all of the calculations and schematics, but I could never wrap my head around it, I have to get my gauge and stitch count and start to make the image that is inside my head real before I could write anything down. That results in a lot of note taking for me to translate when it get to the point of writing an actual finished pattern and actually doing the math for any additional sizes. This one I have it easy because I did most of the hard parts in the original pattern that I just finished.

Photo Apr 23, 1 32 38 AM

Photo Apr 23, 11 40 20 AM


I am still looking for testers for the original shrug pattern. All info is in THIS POST


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