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The New Dragon Shrug

Yesterday, I had to frog almost 50 rounds of the sleeve I was working on and it was completely my fault too. In the back of my mind, I had a bad feeling that the sleeve was turning out too loose for what my daughter wanted, but I kept on going anyway without having her try it on before she left for her grandparents house on Thursday. I had her try it after I had 80 rounds completed when she got home yesterday afternoon and she said something about the size of it before she even slid it onto her arm. Frogging yarn that has mohair in it is not fun at all and it seemed to me that it probably took double the time to frog it than it would have taken with yarn that didn’t have mohair in it. By the time I had it frogged down to the point I needed to go, and had all of the yarn re-wound into a ball, I was covered in little fuzzies of mohair.

Writing out this pattern though is turning it into a “customize your size” type pattern, so it’s definitely going to be for an experienced crocheter. I started it out with the basic beginning measurements for the width of the back (shoulder to shoulder) and the wrist circumference. For the back, the length will be determined by the width of the finished sleeve measuring from the center of the underarm to the top corner of the shoulder cap. For the sleeve, the measurement for the circumference of the sleeve for the upper arm above the elbow can be made as snug or loose as you like going by your own upper arm measurements.

Photo Apr 24, 3 44 56 PM

Photo Apr 23, 6 14 10 PM

Photo Apr 23, 11 40 20 AM

Photo Apr 23, 1 32 38 AM


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