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Dragon Scale Shrug – Blue/White Version

I haven’t been able to get photos of this shrug being worn yet,my daughter hasn’t been home long enough to model it for me, so I just got a couple photos of the back and front, minus the ties because I ran out of yarn to make the ties.

I learned after making this that it’s a little too big for me. I generally wear medium tops and sweaters because of my long arms and shoulders, with small sizes, the sleeves are always too short and the underarm too tight with the shoulder seam rising too uncomfortably high on my shoulders, but I seemed to make the medium a tad too loose for my liking in a shrug. I need the ties to keep it on. The sleeves themselves fit very well, I customized the length for me, but it’s the back shoulder to shoulder measurement that I didn’t check for myself on if I needed the small or the medium size for the snug fit I wanted, otherwise the medium size measurement for a regular sweater would have been just fine for me.

The quality of these photos aren’t the best and I hope to get better ones later.

blue back

blue front

I am still looking for testers for this pattern, please see THIS POST for details. Thanks 🙂


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