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Such an Overwhelming Day!

I am so overwhelmed by the response I’ve gotten for the special on my shrug pattern! I’ve never been in the “front page” of the Pattern section on Ravelry, let alone in the “top 5 hot” patterns!

I still need to get this pattern tested so I can offer it in multiple sizes and someone on Ravelry suggested a few groups where I might find testers, but I found the groups very overwhelming and confusing. I understand the need for rules and regulations, I’m all for it, but there are quite a lot of them and so many of them confuse me, that I get nervous that I might inadvertently break one or many due to my confusion or misunderstanding. Some have required questions that I have no way of answering. For one, I haven’t any idea the approximation of the hours the project could take, I could give days, or even weeks, but not hours.

I also understand that I can’t really offer much for the testing time, just the completely sale-ready pattern, so I pretty much need volunteers for this.

I’m soon going to have a 2nd pattern to be ready for testing also. I’ve caught back up, and then some, after having to frog a bunch of it.

For info about testing the Dragon Scale Shrug, please visit THIS POST


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