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Keely’s Dragon Shrug Update

I redid the lace yesterday with the pattern my daughter found and I only had to give it a couple of minor modifications. I didn’t like the hdc puff stitches it called for, so I made dc clusters instead and liked the look much better, plus I had to add chain stitches. I had actually made it fully once, saw my mistakes and the things I felt needed to be different so it wasn’t tight on the hand. I took photos to send to my daughter for her input, then I frogged it down to the first round and started over. When I finished it the second time, I took photos again to send her and the response I got this morning was “looks awesome!”, so I think it’s a keeper. I’m still up in the air if I’m going to add it to the pattern though, I might do a poll on it. If I do, it would be a link to the chart with my notes on how the joining/sc round on the inside of the cuff was done before starting the pattern and where I added the chain stitches. I think I’ll keep the honeycomb mesh lace pattern as a definite though. The wrist lace will be on as ‘optional’ since it’s added after the sleeve is completed. It’ll also have the option of being done in crochet cotton or the same yarn as the rest of the project.

first run

Photo Apr 30, 8 28 16 PM

Photo Apr 30, 8 29 10 PM

Second run

Photo May 01, 2 16 08 AM

Photo May 01, 2 16 40 AM

Photo May 01, 2 18 03 AM

Photo May 01, 2 17 10 AM

(I should’ve used the flash in the 2nd set of photos. The lace is supposed to be white.)

After I took the 2nd set of photos, I noticed that I had a mistake about 5 rounds down on the bottom of the top “eye”. I was missing 2 double crochet stitches! Luckily, the 2 stitches aren’t really integral to the stitch count, it’s more of a visual for the “picture” it made in the pattern. It makes the “eye” look a bit off to me with the 2 stitches missing, not balanced. I was so tired of frogging last night though that I left it for today to deal with. Some of my friends said to just leave it, that it’s not a big deal, adds “character”, but it’s bothering me too much so I’m going to fix it.


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