"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

Home Now.

It’s been a very difficult month, but we are back home. My son was discharged from the hospital on Monday after a 17 day stay. He had to have 2 surgeries, 1 of which was a major surgery, during his stay. It’s sad to say that it was his 75th surgery and I know it won’t be his last.

I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things back home with getting back into a daily routine along with the post-hospital care my eldest son need, and getting my youngest son to his “teacher time” because he is in Home Bound School. I need to get back into my crochet and knitting, especially finishing up on both versions of the Dragon Scale Shrug. After today, there are only 3 days left on the Free Download Special of the original Shrug. I am still in need of testers for the 3 smaller sizes, please visit THIS POST for more details.

I also still have the Isabeau Earring design to perfect, write, and get up for sale, and while I was staying at the hospital with my son I came up with another choker necklace design that still needs to be written.


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