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And… Another Crocodile Stitch Swatch

I think I found a good yarn for this stitch. I had it in a bag of UFOs, so I frogged the old project. It was gonna be a dice bag, but I didn’t see myself finishing it.

The yarn is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour (fine/2) in Lapis. It’s a dark teal green with blue metallic thread wound through it. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph well, even though I had my OttLite on and I used the flash on my camera, it looks so much better in person. The dark color makes it difficult to see the scale definition in the photo. I really like the texture and feel of this yarn in the stitch pattern too. It has an almost squishy, sponge-like feel to it, and it is definitely not stiff, although it has a tendency to want to curl in at the top corner points. This is done in a variation of the Crocodile Stitch where the scales are longer. All said, I think this will make very nice head-wear 🙂


Photo Jun 06, 2 46 40 PM


ETA: I was able to get a better photo at Tim Horton’s this afternoon. I think with all of the windows and the natural lighting there, without the camera flash, really made a difference. My house is rather dark, even in the middle of the day, so I need my OttLite and a flash for most photos I take here.


Photo Jun 06, 4 27 09 PM


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