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5-Color Spiral Dice Bag

This past weekend, while my boys and I were hanging out at D20 Cafe, I thought wouldn’t be fun to make a bag in 5 colors? How hard would it be? Well, It wasn’t hard, just a lot of twisted yarn, but the result was pretty cool. The co-owner of D20, John, absolutely loved it. I made it in the 5 common Magic The Gathering colors: black, red, green, blue, and white. I only had one complaint from a D20 customer/MTG player; the colors were in the wrong order, he said. Well, the next one I make I will have to look at the back of a Magic card to get the color order, I guess. This bag turned out a bit larger than the ones I was calling “large” in my last post, so those have been demoted to “medium” bags.

While I was at D20, I finished a 2-color spiral bag, then started and finished the 5-color one. The other co-owner, Jess (she and John are married), set up a spot in the display case and made a sign to sell my bags. Both she and John are very happy with they way they look, functionality, and the choice of sizes I made. They showed me the ones they were getting from a distributor and said they think mine are better.

We are going back there this weekend and I’m planning on having a couple more color choices, since all I had made at the time were blue, green, and white, with a single 5-color one. I have 1 of each small and medium in red finished and had started a green/black spiral, which I have a feeling my husband is going to want for his Ghave deck. He said almost asked for a 3-color green/black/white, because those are the colors of the deck, but he decided not to.

Of course while I’m there I’ll be making more bags while my boys play in the MTG tournament 🙂

Photo Aug 02, 9 38 25 PM

Photo Aug 02, 9 02 09 PM

Photo Aug 02, 9 02 23 PM

Photo Aug 02, 10 22 24 PM

I have been debating making a page in my shop for these bags too. They are useful for things other than dice and I can make them in other colors than just the 5 MTG ones.


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