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Daughter of Dragons Shrug Pattern

AKA: Keely’s Dragon Shrug.

*Please see THIS POST concerning testing for this pattern. Thank you.

Today, I’ve been doing some editing on what I have written so far for this pattern when I came up with the name. I kind of thought this was fitting as my own daughter helped me design this version from my original version, the Dragon Scale Shrug, which is a looser “older” looking shrug. This one is made to be snug, custom fitted to the wearer and can be embellished with lace at the wrist, chains, or anything that the young or “young at heart” can think of. This one I’m writing for only 3 sizes; 15″ (small), 16″ (medium), and 17″ (large) shoulder to shoulder back width. I’m sure an experienced hooker can figure out larger (or smaller) sizes using the gauge of the pattern as everything in this pattern practically needs the wearers measurements. I’m really close to finishing making the shrug, I’m working on the right sleeve in-between all of the other project I have going at the moment, some of them paying projects.

I will be needing testers for this pattern, so if you think you might have the time and are interested, please contact me either at my Facebook page, by Midknight or email me at midknightstarr@gmail.com

Details of the project is that knowledge of making the crocodile stitch is very helpful, but there are tons of tutorials online. I do have the stitch pattern written out before the actual shrug pattern to make a swatch and I will have reference photos, but it’s not a tutorial. I used Patons Lace but any size 2/Fine yarn that works in gauge will be fine. I have even used size 10 crochet cotton. The Patons Lace comes in 498yd balls so I think approx between somewhere around 2,oo0 and 3,500 yards depending on size should work. Then a 3.25 mm hook or size for gauge. I will probably send half of the pattern at a time, then at the end of the testing, I will give the tester the full ready for sale pattern.

At this time I only have a rough draft going and no finished project photos yet.

Photo Jun 15, 7 10 44 PM

Photo Jun 15, 7 12 53 PM

Photo Jun 15, 7 10 26 PM

Photo Jun 15, 7 09 59 PM

Photo Apr 24, 3 44 56 PM

Photo Apr 30, 3 26 38 AM




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