"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

I must be Crazy…

So, for the last few days I’ve been suffering though a nasty head cold. Put that on top of having Fibromyagia, I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything, although Monday and Tuesday I did do some editing on the 3 versions of my dragon shrug patterns. Today though, my motivation to do much of anything has practically been close to nil, other than going through my blogs and favorite sites and updating here and there, and of course a lot of reblogging on Tumblr. Pretty mindless stuff, really. Then I got an email with a question about my Adipose, I get a lot of those. Anyway, instead of opening the pattern on my laptop in Adobe Reader, I go to my deviantART gallery, where I also have the pattern posted, but the nice thing is the way dA displays PDFs, I could search though the pattern without opening it up. After I answered the email, I realized that maybe I should submit a few more patterns to my dA’s crochet pattern gallery since I only had 3 patterns in it at the time. I submit an older pattern, and as I was looking at it, it got me thinking that I really should go through all of my old free patterns an update them, clean them up a little bit.

Well, I say I’m crazy, because I really should be crocheting and working on the orders I have, instead of updating 5+ year old patterns. So guess what is going on the “To Do” list. Maybe I can do one pattern update at a time after each project finished. It’s not like I have tons of things to do already.

So, yeah…



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