"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping

So, I’ve been thinking…

I was thinking about working on a few tutorials on some crochet stitches, mainly starting with the Crocodile Stitch, which I prefer to call Dragon Scale, I like that name better.

I had found there are a couple of variations on that particular stitch and it seems that each of the many tutorials I’ve come across, everyone has a different “way” to do it, has their own interpretation of it, so I thought I’d throw my version in since I have quite a few patterns at the moment using that stitch.

It seems that some people work without “turning” the work and the double crochet stitches for the scales are worked “right side up”, and a couple of others, including myself, “turn the work”, “fold” it, and work the double crochet stitches for the scale “wrong side up”. And then, I have found that there are at least 2 different “common” flat versions, and I did a different variation of it for my Pouch, but in the round. I also couldn’t find anything about doing Crocodile stitch in the round, except for a video tutorial meant for a backpack, which I didn’t watch, so I just “made it up” as I went along, and it seems to work.

With the tutorials, I want to try to take as many photos of the steps that I can. It will be interesting to see if I can do this, because I won’t have any help, so it will be just me with my iPod Touch camera, a bit of yarn, and a hook.


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