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but I still got some crocheting in 😀

Halloween is usually a big thing with our family, but this is the first year, in the 12 that we have lived in this house, we actually did not decorate and hand out candy. Last year was the first year that our youngest child decided that, at 14yrs old, he was too old to hang out and go trick or treating with his parents. Now 15yrs old, he went and hung out at a friends house and did a bit of trick or treating near the end of the evening, before coming home at about 9pm. Our oldest, who is now 22yrs old and is on the Autism Spectrum, usually stayed home and passed out candy to all of the little ghouls and goblins that was brave enough to walk through out makeshift cemetery and past our giant spiders and spiderwebs. If the little one was to scared to come up to the porch, we would meet them at the sidewalk and give them the candy. This year, he has a pretty bad cold and an infection in his foot, so we left our porch light off and he had an early night to bed. Our now 17yr old daughter started going trick or treating with her best friend over in her friends neighborhood when she was 13, but now she lives at her grandparents house to finish high school there, and it sounded like she had a quite Halloween at home.

It was a cold and rainy/snowy day/night here in Michigan, so there really weren’t many kids out trick or treating anyway. Down here in SE Michigan, we didn’t get as much snow as they did a bit more north, but it was there and it was freezing out.

We actually do have 1 decoration up in our front yard, and knowing us, it’ll probably be there year round LOL


This year for the husband and I, we went to a couple of costume parties. One on Halloween night and one last night. The one on Halloween, we were the first to arrive, and within 20 minutes of being there, the power to the entire townhouse complex and surrounding neighborhoods went out. Apparently, a utility pole snapped in half near the top of the pole downing the electrical line just a couple of blocks from the townhouse complex we were at. The hostess of the party pulled out a bunch of candles, called her husband, who was still stuck at work for another hour or so, to pick up more candles, and posted on the Facebook event page that the party was canceled due to power outage, but that didn’t stop people from showing up anyway. We hung out an visited fro a bit, but had to leave just after 11pm because my husband had to be up to get ready for a 12hr work day at 5:30am.

Photo Nov 01, 12 06 19 AM

Photo Nov 01, 12 14 57 AM

Photo Oct 31, 7 26 41 PM

Photo Oct 31, 7 26 06 PM

Yesterday, during the day I didn’t do very much, but work on my Grandmother’s shrug. I was hurting a lot from Friday’s activities (stupid Fibro 😦 ). During the day on Friday, we were out and about doing our usual Friday errands, plus a couple of extra things including finally buying a new microwave, as our old one was finally on its last legs after 12 years of use. It was a very busy day and I was on my feet a lot.

So, I basically spent the majority of Saturday during the day in bed with Tea, Netflix, and Crochet, trying to recover enough to go to the costume party that night, which I was looking forward to. Last nights party was themed, “Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales”. We had a really good time there and saw a some very good friends.

Photo Nov 01, 7 04 46 PM

Photo Nov 02, 12 29 04 AM

Photo Nov 02, 12 29 52 AM

Photo Nov 01, 10 32 57 PM

I think today is another “in bed with Tea, Netflix, and Crochet” kind of day. I am completely wiped and hurting. It’s now after noon and I’ve been “up” since at least 9am, but was awake “on and off” since 6am when my husband left for work. I was awoken by the youngest at one point at around 7:30ish too. Sometime after 9, I annoyed the eldest to wake up to take his antibiotics, too.

Sometime mid-weekish last week, I finished the first sleeve to the shrug, and yesterday a got a few rows of the back done, probably about 2 inches worth and I have to make the back 10 inches long to fit the armhole. So, I think I’m going to get off here, make some lunch and some tea, turn on the Netflix, probably MacGyver, and pull out the crochet.

Photo Nov 01, 12 30 00 PM

More Halloween photos under the “cut”

Last year’s Halloween Set-up









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