"Live Peace – Speak Kindness – Dwell in Possibility" ~Amanda Tapping


A bit of an update

No photos today though, but I’ll have plenty coming up in my next post though.

This past weekend, I was out of town. I went to Oak Lawn, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, with my mother-inlaw, her sister, her sister-inlaw, and her niece, to visit 2 of her cousins to have a “Woman’s Weekend”. The weekend was spent playing games (I crocheted a lot, though), going to craft bizarres, and just hanging out with each other. While there, I finished the back to my grandmothers shrug, bought a few fun things from the bizarres, and enjoyed visiting with everyone. For dinner on Saturday, we went to this amazing Asian restaurant, called Chi Tung. They served Chinese, Japanese,and Thai food and had the Hibachi tables. Everyone got Chinese, except me. I got the Pad Thai with shrimp and it was extremely yummy! I could barely eat a quarter of it because there was so much food! My MIL said there was probably enough on my plate to feed 4 people! I took the leftovers home and my husband and I finished it for lunch today. Just before leaving on Sunday, I asked my MIL to take me to a Fanny May Candies shop because I could not leave the Chicago area without at least a box of those chocolates. Before the company closed all of their shops in Michigan, I worked at a Fanny May Candies in my local mall for 5yrs and was hooked on their chocolates. That was 20yrs ago.

I’m sure that the next post I make will be a “show and tell” of the things I got while there and an update on the shrug.

Today, as I began the 2nd sleeve of the shrug, I started thinking about the shrug I’m going to be making for myself out of the Patons Lace Sequins in Smokey Quartz, and started getting new ideas on how to make it different from my Dragon Scale and Daughter of Dragons Shrugs. I am so excited about the ideas I have for this one! I’m sure I’ll be blogging all about it at a later date 😀


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