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Overdue for an Update

Well, I have been rather busy as of late, got a couple of Christmas presents out of the way, and working on 2 different shrugs, practically almost at the same time, in-between everything else, along with designing and posting the pattern for the Faerie Blossom Wristwarmers! Plus, for about 4 days a week, I don’t really get to get on the laptop as my husband works 4 days on and 4 days off, and usually on his 4 days off, if he and I are not out and about, he likes to use the laptop.

But anyhow, I do have a HUGE update in the making, but not at this time. I can tell you that there will be  a lot of photos in that upcoming update on what’s going on in my crochet world, including a sneak peek at a new shrug in the works. I’m really excited about this new one!

I do have a bit of news to share, I have very recently joined the ranks of Indie Crochet Designers on Craftsy. I have uploaded 6 of my patterns onto Craftsy, 3 for purchase and 3 for free, and started a Pattern Shop there now, also. The majority of my designs will still be on Ravelry, though. You can find my Craftsy page HERE. My user name is MidknightStarr.


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Current Project

Digital Portraits Commissions Available

Amigurumi Adipose

Photo Tutorial for the Fingers and Toes Only


Amigurumi "Fat" Baby Pattern FAQ & Errata

This Errata post is for my original pattern of the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby that was available before September 12, 2014

Please refer to this page for any questions about the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby, or you can download the new updated Amigurumi Adipose pattern.


Amigurumi Adipose

My Amigurumi Adipose pattern has been featured on BBCAmerica.com along with other great Doctor Who Crochet and Knit patterns.

by Midknight Designs on Instagram

💚Love those green eyes!💚 Pretty Miss Jade #cat #blackcat #greeneyedblackcat My baby girl, Drusilla MamaKitty. She turned 11yrs old this this year in July. She is the ruler of this house and the Mama of everyone. She can actually say words too, her favorites are “Mom”, “No”, and “Now”. Somewhere I have a video of her talking. She doesn’t talk as often now as she did when she was younger. I wish I had a better pic of her eyes though. She has the prettiest aqua colored eyes. #cat #myfurbaby Faerie Blossom Wristwarmers #bymidknightdesigns #crochet #crochetwristwarmers Diamond Tweed Wristwarmers #bymidknightdesigns #crochet #crochetwristwarmers This tank and shawl set are actually from 2 separate patterns that I found on Ravelry. The Wing Span Shawl made in Tunisian Crochet by Oana Oros and the Custom Tank Top Version # 1 by Jane Sharp. I really love them together and they’re both made with Bernat Softee Baby in the Girly Girl colorway. The shawl clip is a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. #crochet #crochettank #crochetshawl #crochetwrap #notmypatterns Another idea for my bag. It has a single strap that goes across the body. I’ve been using this one and have found a few things I’d like to change in the newer versions. #bymidknightdesigns #crochet #crochetbag #crochetsinglestrapbackpackbag

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