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The Wristwarmers Adventure and Other Stuff

‘Tis the Holiday Season! It’s Snowing on WordPress!

I’ve been so busy crocheting what feels like tons of wristwarmers for everyone! It all started out as a request from my husbands cousin for a pair of wristwarmers after she had bought a pair at a craft bizarre when we were in Chicago.

But before I get into the story, I have to announce a new Free Pattern! Yes, it is another pair of Wristwarmers, called Diamond Tweed Wristwarmers, and you can download them for free HERE on WordPress, on RAVELRY, or on CRAFTSY! I also have a story behind these also, but I’ll get to that later 🙂

So, my Wristwarmers Adventure! Anyway, my CIL (cousin-inlaw) had bought a pair of wristwarmers at a craft bizarre, pictured below, then after asked me if I could make her a pair.

Photo Nov 08, 8 56 24 PM(Not Made by Me)

Of course, I said sure! After I got home, I jumped on Ravelry and did a search for a quick and easy pattern that I can make. I had measured the mitts she bought to have an idea of the size to look for, because I have tiny hands, so any “average” size would seem huge to me. I had come across the pattern for Quick Wristers by Fatima. My husband took me yarn shopping to Michaels because they had a huge yarn sale going on at the time and I chose 3 skeins of yarn. I planned on also making wristwarmers for my MIL and SIL. My CIL wanted something purple, and I actually had a difficult time finding the right yarn in some kind of purple in the yarn that I wanted. My MIL and SIL were easy, I found their colors in Caron Simply Soft, and I really wanted to get something purple in that same type of yarn, but Michaels didn’t have it. So I settled on Vanna’s Choice in Purple Mist.

That evening, my hubby wanted to go play in Friday Night Magic at one of the local comic book shops, so I packed up my yarn and a few different size hooks, made sure the pattern was on my iPod, and went with him. While he played MTG, I went to the coffeehouse just a few shops down the block, ordered tea and pie, and started on making the wrist warmers. It started out ok, but once I got to the thumb hole, I was lost. I did a huge write up about it on my Ravelry Project Page. I won’t get into all of it here, but I ended up improvising, had my daughter try them on, they fit her and she liked them, but I still wasn’t happy with them and was afraid they wouldn’t fit my CIL, and gave them to my daughter.

Photo Nov 16, 12 22 01 AM

After that, I asked my husband to take me to JoAnn’s, this time, to find another skein of purple yarn, and I finally did find some purple in Caron Simply Soft. So I made 3 sets of a modified version of the Quick Wristers.

Photo Nov 25, 6 43 22 PM

Around the same time, my husband bout me 2 crochet books from Barnes & Noble, Lacework For Adventurous Crocheters by Margaret Huber, and Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia by Robyn Chachula.

Photo Dec 03, 5 52 05 PM

Photo Dec 03, 5 52 21 PM

As I was going through the Visual Encyclopedia, I came across the Fairy Shell stitch pattern and fell in love with it, so, because I still had some yarn left from the 3 skeins after making the 3 pairs of mitts, I then made 3 pair of short mitts, that ended up morphing into my Faerie Blossom Wristwarmers! By the time I was finished with these, I had maybe a few yards left for each skein.

Photo Nov 25, 6 45 51 PM

I recently made one more pair of the Faerie Blossom Wristwarmers for my Step-Daughter. This pair I made in Bernat Satin.

Photo Dec 03, 2 13 47 PM

My MIL had suggested I make a pair of wristwarmers for my Step-Daughter, but I had already planned on making her a pair. My MIL said she needed a pair in Sage to go with her tan coat, I had sage yarn, but it was an old skein of Red Heart SuperSaver, and that is just way too scratchy. I didn’t have any luck in finding yarn in Sage at JoAnn’s, but I hope this shade of green, called Fern, will be ok.

Like I said, I had already planned on making her a pair of wristwarmers, but I wanted to make something vibrant, something kind of rainbow or tie-dye for her. My Step-Daughter has a very vibrant personality, she is a senior in collage, and very much a “Hippie”. So, as I was yarn shopping for her, I found the Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Boardwalk Promenade. It was everything I was looking for! Bright, vibrant, and colorful, and very soft! It’s also a loose twist, single ply yarn that gives for a bit more stretch in the finished work. It also gets very fuzzy with wear, but I kind of like that. I think it just adds to the softness and warmth of these mitts.

Photo Nov 28, 8 13 15 PM

The only thing was, it’s to heavy for the Faerie Blossom pattern. I then cracked open the Visual Encyclopedia again and found the Diamond Tweed stitch. Perfect! Thus the Diamond Tweed Wristwarmers were born!

Photo Dec 03, 2 19 16 PM

I also ended up with 2 pair of wristwarmers for myself!

Photo Dec 03, 2 21 30 PM

Photo Nov 20, 3 39 20 AM

Of course, during all of this, I am still working on the shrugs. I had to take a short break from my grandmothers shrug. I had about 3 inches of the 2nd sleeve done when I realized that it was a bit wider than the 1st sleeve. Even though I used the same stitch count and hook size, my tension on the thread was way too loose. My big problem I have with thread, and some yarns, it the friction on my lead finger when holding it. It’s very painful and having Fibromyagia has a lot to do with it. My skin gets over-sensitive and painful because of the Fibro.

I think it was on Craftsy, I saw something called a “Finger Saver”, but it sat low on the finger and you feed the thread though a couple of the top stitches instead of wrapping it around your finger. I though it was a neat idea, but I didn’t like the part of feeding the thread through, because then I would have to wait for the project to be finished before I could use it for another, or I would have to make multiple Finger Savers. I prefer wrapping the thread/yarn around my finger, because I feel more in control of the tension. I thought it shouldn’t be very difficult to whip one up, anyway. So I did, and the first one was short and fit at the top of my finger between my middle and top knuckles.

Photo Nov 25, 2 56 51 PM

It worked well enough, but I still had thread dragging across my finger underneath, between my middle and bottom knuckles, so I needed a longer one.

Photo Nov 26, 2 48 10 PM

And I have to say this worked out better. With the way I wrap the thread, it basically “feeds” itself between the double crocheted and not touch my skin as I pull on the thread as I work it. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it LOL

I, then, restarted the 2nd sleeve of my grandmothers shrug, and got better tension, and it matches the 1st sleeve now.

Photo Nov 25, 6 36 50 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 35 55 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 32 59 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 31 24 PM

I have also been working on a very new shrug design! I am so very excited about this one. It is also mainly done in the Crocodile stitch, but it will have a couple of variations and another stitch pattern mixed in, I think. It will have a few other features not on my Dragon Scale Shrug and Daughter of Dragons Shrug. I haven’t a name for it yet, but I think after I eventually finish it, I may ask for name ideas here and on Facebook, and then have a Poll. That is if I don’t think of something by then.

So, now the sneak peek!

Photo Dec 03, 4 22 26 PM

More Photos

Photo Nov 25, 6 49 55 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 49 19 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 48 41 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 47 24 PM

Photo Nov 25, 6 46 40 PM

Photo Dec 03, 2 14 29 PM

Photo Dec 03, 2 16 22 PM

Photo Dec 03, 2 15 44 PM

Photo Nov 25, 8 57 14 PM

Photo Dec 03, 4 24 11 PM

Photo Dec 03, 4 25 35 PM



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  1. You are a crocheting machine!!!! They are all gorgeous. And that finger protector is a great idea!!!!

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    December 4, 2014 at 5:28 pm

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