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Not going as Slow as I thought I would!

Well, I went against my doing things “one at a time”!

I now have everything, except the earrings, up and ready for custom orders!

What you can find in my shop:

Cascading Petals Necklace

Photo Jun 18, 6 09 11 PM

Simply Petals Necklace

Photo Jun 24, 1 02 35 AM

Layered Petals Collar-Style Necklace

Photo Jun 24, 9 11 40 PM

Layered Petals Cuff-Style Bracelet

Photo Jun 23, 1 48 02 PM

I am also offering Crocheted Ribbons! You can purchase them by themselves, or get extras in different colors for the Simply Petals and the Layered Petals necklaces to give them different looks!

I have also updated the Main Shop Page and added an About Page.


One Thing at a Time

I decided to started adding items for sale, gradually, one at a time.

I have ready for custom order my Cascading Petals Necklace now!

You can find it HERE in my Shop.

Photo Jun 18, 6 09 11 PM

Keep watch for more announcements as I add more items.