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About Shop by Midknight

About the Shop and it’s History:
This Shop was a long time coming for me. After many years of “thinking about it” and never being able to settle on what I could make and sell that I felt was unique enough, I think I finally found it, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing husband.

All of my creations here are all made by only me, without use of any written pattern. I may jot down a few notes so I don’t forget a detail or something, but other than that, it all comes from my head.

I learned how to crochet from my grandmother when I was a young child well over 30yrs ago. As a teen, it didn’t interest me much anymore, so I didn’t pick it up again until my late 20’s. It began as something to do while on semi-bed rest during my pregnancy with my daughter 17yrs ago. After some refresher on how to crochet again, I taught myself how to read patterns, although I had more fun making up my own. I would get stitch pattern dictionaries and make whatever popped into my head. A few years later I learned how to write my pattern ideas down and decided to share most of them as free downloads.

I did take a hiatus from crochet and pattern writing for a while and took up knitting. Although I enjoy knitting, crochet is my first love.

I recently, at the beginning of this year, picked up crocheting again, all because of the discovery of the Crocodile Stitch. I instantly fell in love with that stitch and pattern ideas began to pop into my head, sometimes right out of the blue. I began writing patterns again, this time to sell for other people to make, that is until an earring idea popped into my head.

From that one earring idea, 3 necklaces and a bracelet were born, the first of which is my Cascading Petals Necklace. Then came the Simply Petals and the Layered Petals necklaces, then the Layered Petals Bracelet. I had such a good response for them and questions about buying them, so I decided to start this Shop.

The name “by Midknight” came around many years ago on LiveJournal when I wanted a catchy name for my crochet journal. Because my username on LJ is midknight_starr (MidknightStarr), a friend of mine suggested “Crochet by Midknight” and it stuck. From that, the “by Midknight” part became very useful with the many thinks I do; “Art by Midknight” being one of them. I liked the sound of “Shop by Midknight” and I felt it open enough for changing up the items I sell in the future. Right now it’s jewelry, but maybe I might want to add other items down the line.

About the Maker:

I’m a happily married, stay-at-home mom of 3 + 1 kids (22yr old son with Asperger’s Syndrome & Hydrocephalus, 21yr old step-daughter, 17yr old daughter & 15yr old son), 5 cats, 2 rats, and a leopard gecko.  I crochet as often as I can and I love making up new designs in crochet.

I enjoy crocheting, knitting, drawing, painting, painting on ArtRage and working on Photoshop. My grandmother taught me crochet when I was 7yrs old, I am self-taught in knitting and on Photoshop,  and my art education is all through my school career, from elementary through high school.

I also live everyday with Fibromyalgia.




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Digital Portraits Commissions Available

Amigurumi Adipose

Photo Tutorial for the Fingers and Toes Only


Amigurumi "Fat" Baby Pattern FAQ & Errata

This Errata post is for my original pattern of the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby that was available before September 12, 2014

Please refer to this page for any questions about the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby, or you can download the new updated Amigurumi Adipose pattern.


Amigurumi Adipose

My Amigurumi Adipose pattern has been featured on BBCAmerica.com along with other great Doctor Who Crochet and Knit patterns.

Current Project

Allen's Oxygen Tank Backpack


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