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Hooded Dragon Scale Shrug, and a Couple of Other Updates

It’s finished! I still would like a different name for it instead of Hooded Dragon Scale Shrug though. My daughter called it Dragon Hunter, but we shall see.

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. For awhile after I finished it, I felt that it was missing something, like some kind of edging along the bottom of the front panels, but after wearing it on Christmas, I now think it’s just fine the way it is.

The majority of the make up is in the Crocodile stitch, but I also used the Fairy Shell stitch, the same stitch I used for my Faerie Blossom wristwarmers, from the book “Crochet Stitches Visual™ Encyclopedia“, for the front panels and the hood.

For the closure I used a pin that I had that I thought looked cute on it. My daughter had an idea for a jewel closure, by taking a gemstone or a plastic/glass faceted jewel and attaching it to a pin backing. I really like that idea, because I can make a few pins of different colored jewels for a changing splash of color when I wear it. Before That, I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to do for a closure. I thought about buttons or snaps, but I like the pin idea better.

About writing this up in a written pattern format, I’ve been waffling on the idea. I realized after it was finishing that It’s not something that I could easily translate into other sizes. I, myself, am a very small framed individual and this is custom made to fit me. If my daughter wanted to wear it, I doubt she’d be able to get her hands through the sleeves, because I made it so the forearms between the cuff and the first increase before my elbow is a snug fit and I even have to squeeze my hands through that part, and I have very small hands.

If I do write this, it would definitely be a pattern for the experienced stitcher. I would only give the starting stitches for the cuffs on the sleeves and the beginning of the hood, but everything else, all measurements, from the width/length of the back and front, the length of the sleeves, even when to start the increases and how many increases to make for the sleeves, would be left to the individual crocheter. This would definitely be a project made to fit the individual it’s being made for. Of course, I would have the stitch patterns and finishing all written out and a stitch gauge to get started. It also definitely would not be a free pattern.

Photo Dec 26, 3 31 09 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 30 21 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 29 53 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 30 03 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 46 30 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 56 19 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 50 52 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 49 43 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 59 17 AM

Another project that I worked on was a custom order for a friend of mine. It was a Yule Gift and I really couldn’t post anything about it until after she received it and gave it to the recipient. It was mailed, gifted, and well received by the recipient. What she ordered was a barrette with crocheted snowflakes. So I made a small collection of small snowflakes, stiffened them in a white glue/water solution with fine iridescent glitter, played with the combination until I was happy, then used a clear gel tacky glue to attach them to the barrette.

Photo Dec 12, 5 46 32 PM

Photo Dec 12, 6 51 34 PM

Photo Dec 12, 6 52 54 PM

The same friend just made another special order for a custom button closure cuff bracelet 🙂

My grandmothers shrug. I have not forgotten that, and I have been keeping my mother updated on the progress. All I have left to do on that is seam the pieces together, crochet the collar and edging, and make the ties. Then ship it down to Florida.