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Knitsy Issue #25


Remember when I said I had some exciting news to share? Well, now is the time to share!

I have my very first published pattern! I was contacted by the editor of Knitsy Magazine last month asking to feature my Dragon Scale Head Kerchief in the next issue of their magazine and here it is ready for download! You can read the issue online and download individual patterns, or download the entire issue onto your iPhone!

You can see it here online: Knitsy Issue #25 at mycraftacademy

or here at the App Store: Knitsy App


2015-09-29 10.46.24

The Issue now costs $3.99 to purchase, it was free for the first month after it was initially published, but you can still get my Dragon Scale Head Kerchief Pattern for FREE here on my WordPress Page! The Issue is still worth purchasing for all of the other wonderful crochet and knit patterns it has!



New Patterns now for Purchase

I now have the Daughter of Dragons Shrug and the Plus Sizes pattern for the Dragon Scale Shrug up and ready for purchase.

Daughter of Dragons Shrug can be found HERE, on Ravelry, and on Craftsy

Dragon Scale Shrug Plus Sizes can be found HERE, on Ravelry, and on Craftsy

Both for $5.00 each


Dragon Scale Shrug


In other news, I am back to working on the shawl eBook. This is my first, so I’m not sure when I will be finished with it yet. Also, my exciting news! Not gonna say yet, but I should be making my announcement at the end of this month/beginning of October, So stay tuned!

I don’t have to worry about all of that now

I’m finished (as far as I know) with all of the pattern updates, so now I can maybe crochet without that hanging over me and bothering me. Every one of my available patterns have been cleaned up and are ready for download, I even “cleaned” up some of the photos on Photoshop, so hopefully they look a bit more appealing than they used to. Unfortunately, I no longer have a lot of the items to take new photos of because they ended up being gifts for other people and I never made another.

Now I just need to finish getting over these ickies and get my energy and motivation back so I can get my projects finished.


Don’t forget, I’m looking for people interested in testing my Daughter of Dragons Shrug. There are more details about that in THIS POST. I can get the 1st half of the pattern out to begin testing right now.

Well, I went ahead and did it anyway…

I updated all but 4 out of 17 available patterns so far. It really wasn’t too difficult, just a lot of copy and paste, then fixing the format, added “pretties” like page borders and some color, and fixed anything else weird that I might have noticed, like spelling and such. The patterns themselves are not changed (except the Adipose which I updated last month already), since over the last 6 or so years I haven’t been contacted about any errors (except the Adipose). Looking back at my old patterns, the way they were formatted originally was odd, so I’m glad I updated them. I did finally update the photo for the Snowflake Earrings though. I was finally able to get a much better photo of them than what I previously had. If you click on the photo, it will take you to a new tab with an enlarged photo and you can see the touch of color from the pearl metallic thread I used 🙂

I also updated the pattern link pages for the free crochet, knit and the for purchase pattern pages. I alphabetized all of the pattern links, and I  also added thumbnails of all of the patterns below the corresponding links. I actually have 16 out of the 17 patterns that I have available currently on Ravelry posted here. I have 14 free crochet, 1 free knit, and 1 crochet for purchase here on WordPress. I should probable make a page for the Tunisian Mini Decorative Pillow here too… hmmmm

I am so hoping soon I’ll be able to release the Dragon Scale Shrug! I’ve started the pages for it in preparation.

I am still feeling a bit under the weather, but better than yesterday, so that’s something 🙂

The Dragon Scale Shrug Revisited

I did some editing on the pattern today and I decided to split the pattern; SML on one, 1X, 2X, 3X on another. I figured less numbers to wade through to figure out what size is what. I also made it a little more customizable also.

I think I might be getting closer to the release date for it 🙂


front and back shrug


Also, still working on the dice bag order and the shrug for my grandmother. I might also have a jewelery order coming 😀

Home Now.

It’s been a very difficult month, but we are back home. My son was discharged from the hospital on Monday after a 17 day stay. He had to have 2 surgeries, 1 of which was a major surgery, during his stay. It’s sad to say that it was his 75th surgery and I know it won’t be his last.

I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things back home with getting back into a daily routine along with the post-hospital care my eldest son need, and getting my youngest son to his “teacher time” because he is in Home Bound School. I need to get back into my crochet and knitting, especially finishing up on both versions of the Dragon Scale Shrug. After today, there are only 3 days left on the Free Download Special of the original Shrug. I am still in need of testers for the 3 smaller sizes, please visit THIS POST for more details.

I also still have the Isabeau Earring design to perfect, write, and get up for sale, and while I was staying at the hospital with my son I came up with another choker necklace design that still needs to be written.

What is Happening??? Mystery Solved!

I had forgotten that I gave my approval back in January for my pattern to be used in a CAL this month LOL

If anyone is interested, the CAL is at Moogly and was posted earlier today.

So, I was checking in on my Ravelry store. Every so often I like to check on the activity of my free downloads, and today was an even bigger surprise than the response to my Dragon Scale Shrug! My Op-Art Afghan Square seems to have exploded in favorites, queues, and especially downloads!

It’s always been a steady download for me, at least 1 or 2 downloads a day, maybe up to 10 or 12 at most in general. I think the most in one day over the past year was 27 back in May 2013. I have had this pattern up for about 6 years now and I remember in the first year having busy download days, but they never broke 100 that I can remember, maybe in the 50’s or 60’s. I’ve even had people message me asking if they can put the link and the photo on their page for a CAL or something over the years, and I would give my permission. Even with that kind of “advertisement”, I have never had so many downloads for this particular pattern like I’ve had so far today.

It is, right now, 5:36pm on May 1st and it is currently at 365 downloads as I type this! I kinda wish I knew what is going on, if there is some kind of mega CAL going on or something? It’s kinda driving me a little nuts not knowing.