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Raven’s Dragon Skin Pouch

Completely finished!

I do have to say that I totally suck at lining a bag! Sewing is definitely not my strong point at all! I have sewn things over the years, hand-sewn, machine-sewn (my sewing machine broke down a few years ago), made things from fabric with sewing. I even had a sewing class waaayyyyy back in junior high! I can do it, but no matter how careful I am, it always looks messy. I try to make neat and even stitches, but it just does not happen. *sigh*

Annnnnyyyyyy who. Raven’s pouch! I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, despite the sloppy lining. He’s happy with it and that is all that matters. It’s going to be the home for a deck of MTG cards, dice, and tokens.

I do have to point out (again) that he chose the yarn, fabric, and button for this. He was quite pleased that it ended up turning out to have all 5 colors from Magic the Gathering incorporated into the bag. The yarn is green with blue metallic, the drawstrings are blue satin ribbon, the button is red, and the fabric is black with white and red in it 🙂

Photo Oct 23, 4 13 29 PM (1)

Photo Oct 23, 2 35 46 AM

Photo Oct 23, 2 36 33 AM

Photo Oct 23, 2 40 00 AM

The written pattern is also ready for purchase: Lapis Dragon Skin Pouch


Dragon Skin Pouch, Almost Finished!

On Monday, my husband and I went to JoAnn’s and I had him pick out the fabric he wanted to line his pouch and a button. Tonight I’m going to work on lining it. He had also picked out the yarn that I used; Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in Lapis. He though the metallic would look cool in the Dragon Scales. Unfortunately, this particular yarn does not photograph well.

After that is done and more photos are taken, the pattern will be available for purchase 😀

This is the pouch so far, it’s sitting on the fabric my husband chose for the lining:

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

Dragon Skin Pouch

This will be the new home for one of his Magic the Gathering Commander decks, with some dice and tokens.


I’ve been busy!

Post #100! WOO HOO! 😀

I have finally finished my daughters shrug and it has been delivered to her! She loves it! I can not wait to get photos of her wearing it 🙂

The pattern for it, Daughter of Dragons Shrug, is also finished being written and I have the 1st half ready to go out to be tested. More info for testing can be found on THIS POST.

Photo Oct 11, 12 53 01 PM

Photo Oct 11, 12 52 55 PM

I have also written a pattern for wristwarmers that are based on the Daughter of Dragons Shrug. I think they are cute and fun, too. Something to dress up a plain pullover or something. I have it posted and ready for purchase! Check out my Honeycomb Dragon Wristwarmers!



Not only have I completed those in the last couple of weeks, I have also finished my husbands Dragon Skin Pouch, I even have a pattern written up for it. The pouch still needs a fabric lining yet, and I still need to get photos of it, so no pics to share for this project yet.

I’ve also done a bit of “nitpicking” editing on my Dragon Shrug patterns over the last few days. Still waiting on more input from my testers, especially for the Plus sizes.

Now that I have those projects out of the way, I can concentrate on working on my Grandmother shrug. Still no photos for that yet, either.

Finishing and Beginning

I have finished the dice bag order for my friend. The original order was for 2 small bags and 2 large, but he added on for another large,and will be picking them up on Saturday. I sent him this photo and he seems happy with them.

Photo Oct 06, 8 55 45 PM

I also squeezed in an additional project, I made a necklace for my best childhood friends upcoming 45th birthday. It’s made from my Isabeau pattern. I hope she likes it 🙂

Photo Oct 07, 5 44 47 PM

I’ve also been working on Keely’s Daughter of Dragons Shrug. I’m about halfway done with the second sleeve, then comes the seaming, the neckline, and the wrist-lace to match the 1st sleeve. The lace that will be on Keely’s will not be in the pattern for the shrug, she chose it from a pattern online that she liked. The lace I will be including in the pattern will be a simple honeycomb openwork design that I thought worked well with the scales of the shrug. (info for testing this pattern in THIS POST)

Keely’s chosen wrist-lace

Photo May 01, 2 16 08 AM~*~

Wrist-lace for the written pattern

Photo Apr 30, 3 26 38 AM

I am still working on my grandmothers shrug too, but I haven’t any photos of that yet. Her’s will be a modified version of my original Dragon’s Scale Shrug. She wears a 16″ back, but wants looser “large” sleeves that are 3/4 length, in tan size 10 thread.

I also have a barrette order to make yet. Another  friend of mine ordered it as a Yule gift for another friend of hers. I pre-purchased a wide black barrette for which I will be crocheting small thread snowflakes and gluing them to the barrette.

Still working on Raven’s Dragon (Scale) Skin Dice bag. It’s my “Purse Project”, I keep a wrist pouch with the project in it in the backpack style bag that I use as a purse that I take everywhere with me. I’m making it in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in the Lapis (dark greenish teal with sapphire blue metallic) colorway. It’s very sparkly and shiny, so it doesn’t photograph well. I’m thinking about writing this pattern too when it’s finished. This one is going to be rather large, I’m almost done with 1 ball (202yds) of the yarn and I just bought a second to be able to finish it. I think he might want to be able to fit a deck box (Magic: The Gathering) in it along with his dice.

Photo Oct 07, 7 42 42 PM

Yesterday, I was able to spend some of my yarn allowance and got 5 balls of Patons Lace Sequins in the Smoky Quartz colorway.

Photo Oct 07, 7 06 50 PM

I want to make a shrug out of that for myself. I did up one pattern round in the Dragon Scale and, because of the sequins, I used the recommended hook size on the label and adjusted the stitch count for a size larger hook. The shrug is written for a size 3.25 hook for gauge, and the recommended hook is a 3.50, so it was easy to figure out. I think it’s going to be a cross between my original shrug and Keely’s shrug in design. I guess I’ll figure that out when I get to it. Now to put this aside for later when I have Keely’s shrug done and more on my grandmothers shrug done. I have a bad habit of needing a minimum of 2 project going at the same time.

Photo Oct 07, 7 09 05 PM


Now on to a night of Crochet and MacGyver on Netflix 🙂

Dice Bags!

In the Village of Pinckney, Michigan on Main St, there is this cute little shop/cafe that just opened earlier this year called D20 Cafe. They buy and sell collectable card games, like Magic; The Gathering, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh!, and others, along with gaming accessories, like card sleeves, playmats, and loose dice. They also buy and sell old video games and consoles, collectable and vintage toys, and they welcome consignment from local crafters and artists. The cool thing about this shop is that you can get coffee (Ann Arbor’s own Zingerman’s coffee, yum!), Italian Soda, other drinks, and snacks, hang out and play games for as long as you like (as long as they are open, anyway). They also have scheduled events, like “Friday night Magic” and other tournaments. There is also an adorable resident kitty named Ajani.

The owners are husband and wife, John and Jess, and they enjoy playing various games, especially MTG, with their customers and are very friendly, outgoing people. I play these games also, but very rarely. It really depends on my mood, but I enjoy watching others play. I like to go there with my husband and youngest son (still trying to get my eldest son and daughter there) and I always have my crochet with me. During one of the visits I was working on a dragon scale dice bag for my husband, when Jess told me that they take consignment and is interested in me making dice bags for the shop in the 5 colors from MTG, so of course I said sure! On Sunday I finally picked up some Red Heart SuperSaver in red, green, blue, white, and black and started on making a small inventory of bags. I’m doing small and large double drawstring pouches in each single color and large double drawstring pouches in a 2-color spiral. In my initial batch of bags, I’m making 5 small and 5 large in single colors, and 10 2-color spiral large bags in the Ravnica Block Guilds colors. So far I have blue and green done.

Large bags

Photo Jul 28, 8 57 47 PM

Small bags

Photo Jul 28, 8 58 12 PM

2-color spiral

Photo Jul 29, 10 36 02 AM

Photo Jul 29, 10 34 38 AM

Photo Jul 29, 10 45 40 AM