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Coming Soon! Shop by Midknight

Some people may have noticed that I have a new tab here. That will be the home for my soon-to-be shop. Right now it contains a “Coming Soon” message and photos of the crocheted jewelry I will be selling.

I am working on a selection of “ready to ship” stock, as well as working out price ranges and color swatches for custom orders, along with whatever else I will need for the shop. I hope within the next few weeks I’ll be making the open for business announcement.

I am very excited about this and anxious to get it rolling 🙂


Necklaces… Lotsa Necklaces

The last couple of nights I’ve been working a lot on necklaces. I came up with another style I like, and another variation on the Cascading Petals necklace. The color combination ideas are endless!

I spoke with my husband, and told him that I want to start an online shop to sell my crocheted jewelry! I needed him to be on board with this because since I don’t have an actual paying job at the moment and I don’t drive, I will need his help to get this thing going, to buy the supplies I will need and for getting orders to the post office. I am so excited!

I will have ready ship necklaces and earrings, and I will have custom orders for custom color combos. I’m going to try to have photos of color swatches of the thread colors I have available too. I will sell them in necklace/earring sets and individually. The necklaces and earrings can have an optional silver-color flower charm attached. I also have an idea for a bracelet, but I still need to make one to see if it works the way in envision it.

On top of that, I will be making and selling simple basic dice bags in the Magic, The Gathering 5 Mana colors on consignment at a little game shop/cafe not far from where my inlaws live. I think it’s been a good day.

Here are some of the necklaces I’ve been working on. I still need a name for the new style though.

Photo Jun 21, 7 59 01 PMThey all still need to be blocked into shape and some of them still need the ends woven in.

The one in the multi-purples still needs a ribbon made too.

Photo Jun 21, 7 59 50 PMThis one still needs to have the ties attached.

…and here is one of a finished set in action.

Photo Jun 21, 2 42 55 PM

I will be doing an official announcement on when I’ll be able to actively begin to start selling my jewelry at a later date. Right now I’m trying to get everything prepared for it.

Cascading Petals and Single Petal Earrings

It’s not like I don’t have *tons* of other projects going on at the moment or anything lol

This idea decided to pop itself into my head while I was sitting in the van on the way to the grocery store with my husband last night. Of course, as soon as I got home I had to make the idea real and I finished a couple of them today. I still have more earring ideas in my head. I might write them down and make a pdf pattern booklet with all of them for purchase, maybe with a photo tutorial. Still thinking about it though. I was also thinking about making a bunch of them to sell on Etsy or something. If I did that, I would want to get sterling silver earwires and nice packaging for shipping for them too.

Photo Jun 17, 6 14 38 PM

Photo Jun 17, 6 16 15 PM

Photo Jun 17, 6 15 25 PM

Photo Jun 17, 6 16 53 PM

Digital Portraits Commissions Available

Amigurumi Adipose

Photo Tutorial for the Fingers and Toes Only


Amigurumi "Fat" Baby Pattern FAQ & Errata

This Errata post is for my original pattern of the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby that was available before September 12, 2014

Please refer to this page for any questions about the Amigurumi "Fat" Baby, or you can download the new updated Amigurumi Adipose pattern.


Amigurumi Adipose

My Amigurumi Adipose pattern has been featured on BBCAmerica.com along with other great Doctor Who Crochet and Knit patterns.


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