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Needed: Testers for the Daughter of Dragons Shrug

I am looking for experience crocheters to test my Daughter of Dragons Shrug. Knowledge of the Crocodile Stitch is helpful, but I now have a photo tutorial of how I do the Crocodile Stitch also.

This pattern is written for 3 sizes and is pretty customizable for a good fit. The basic sizes are measured by the width of the back from shoulder to shoulder over the shoulder blades. Small is 15″, Medium is 16″ and Large is 17″.  Also by the wrist circumference, Small is 7″, Medium is 8″, and Large is 9″, measured approximately 1″ larger than the actual wrist measurement. The important measurement is the back though, the sleeves can be made loose if wanted. If you, or the person this is being made for, measures for a 7″, but prefer looser sleeves, then you can make an 8″ or 9″ instead. The length of the back is determined by the size of the armhole of the finished sleeve.

I used Patons Lace yarn, but any 2/fine weight yarn would work as long as you get the gauge. I have used size 10 cotton thread and gotten the same gauge using the same hook I used with the Patons Lace. I used a 3.25mm hook, but again whichever hook you can get gauge with.

The yardage for the yarn, I am guessing somewhere around between 2,000-3,500 yards, depending on the size and customizations made. I made my daughter a 15″ back, with 7″ wrists, with only 1 increase in the sleeves, so the sleeves are snug on her arms, and I used about 3-1/2 balls of the Patons Lace in Sachet at 498yrds per ball.

I would like at the least 1 tester per size, ideally 2 testers per size. Half of the pattern will be given at a time, the first half the testers will receive will be for the sleeves. When I know that at least 1 sleeve is finished, I will have the back and finishing half of the pattern sent out.

When testing is complete all testers will get a full copy of the pattern with any corrections made to it before I post it up for purchase.

If anyone is interested or if there are any questions, please email me at midknightstarr@gmailcom, message me at my Facebook Page, or leave a comment here.

Photo Oct 11, 12 53 01 PM

Photo Oct 11, 12 52 55 PM

Photo Jun 15, 7 10 44 PM

Busy Weekend!

First of all, New Theme! I updated my WP look. I liked my old theme a lot, but I’ve had it for quite awhile now and I really needed a fresh new look. I really like the look of this theme, a lot. One day I may change the background image if I find something else I like, but for now, there is just something I like with the default background that came with this theme.

Second, Tutorials! I have 4 tutorials up that I did this weekend, all having to do with the Crocodile Stitch, all in one place! You’ll find the Basic Stitch, Making Increases to make that “triangle” shawl-look or a head kerchief, “In the Round”, and with a Solid Foundation.  All with lots of photos. They all can be found on my new Tutorial page! Next I will be making “pattern specific” tutorials, mainly for my Amigurumi Adipose. Over the years, there have been many, many questions about the hands and feet, and even though I have rewritten and updated the pattern recently, I think a couple of photo tutorials might help also. I am also asking if there is anything anyone would like to see me make a tutorial for. If there is anything, comment or email me and I’ll see if it’s something I’m able to do. One thing I cannot do is make video tutorials. I do not have the set up, equipment, nor the video editing programs, to make them. Also, if there are any good tutorials elsewhere that I can link to on my Tutorial page, leave me a link in the comments here, or on the page, and I’ll add it to the list.

I have written the pattern for my husbands Dragon Skin Pouch, but it still needs photos taken. I still need to get him over to JoAnns to pick out fabric for the lining and a button he likes, too. Once that it done, the pattern will be posted for purchase. I did start making another pouch for myself in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour Sapphire. It’s my new “purse project” for when I’m on the go and have those unexpected wait times.

In middle of all of this, I am working on my Grandmother’s shrug, working with my testers to get the Dragon Scale Shrug up for purchase, and looking for new testers for my Daughter of Dragons Shrug. Right now, I have some of the info in THIS POST, but I plan on making a new post specifically with all of the info needed very soon, if not right after I finish writing this post. So keep a look out for that if you are interest, or you could message me on Facebook, or email me with any questions about the testing.


The Tutorial page is now up and running! The main page has links to a few tuts to start off with right now, but I hope to add to the list in the future. I have added some links to a couple tutorials found on the web that I found useful, and I ask if anyone has any other good tuts, for Crochet or Knit, leave me a link in the comments, here on this post, or on the Tutorial page, and I will add them to the list.

I spent all morning today working on the tut for the Basic Crocodile Stitch and that is up and running as well. I still plan on adding a tut for the Crocodile Stitch in the Round, in the upside down triangle (increases), and one with solid foundation rows.

I hope everyone will find this new page useful :)


So, I’ve been thinking…

I was thinking about working on a few tutorials on some crochet stitches, mainly starting with the Crocodile Stitch, which I prefer to call Dragon Scale, I like that name better.

I had found there are a couple of variations on that particular stitch and it seems that each of the many tutorials I’ve come across, everyone has a different “way” to do it, has their own interpretation of it, so I thought I’d throw my version in since I have quite a few patterns at the moment using that stitch.

It seems that some people work without “turning” the work and the double crochet stitches for the scales are worked “right side up”, and a couple of others, including myself, “turn the work”, “fold” it, and work the double crochet stitches for the scale “wrong side up”. And then, I have found that there are at least 2 different “common” flat versions, and I did a different variation of it for my Pouch, but in the round. I also couldn’t find anything about doing Crocodile stitch in the round, except for a video tutorial meant for a backpack, which I didn’t watch, so I just “made it up” as I went along, and it seems to work.

With the tutorials, I want to try to take as many photos of the steps that I can. It will be interesting to see if I can do this, because I won’t have any help, so it will be just me with my iPod Touch camera, a bit of yarn, and a hook.

I’ve been busy!

Post #100! WOO HOO! :D

I have finally finished my daughters shrug and it has been delivered to her! She loves it! I can not wait to get photos of her wearing it :)

The pattern for it, Daughter of Dragons Shrug, is also finished being written and I have the 1st half ready to go out to be tested. More info for testing can be found on THIS POST.

Photo Oct 11, 12 53 01 PM

Photo Oct 11, 12 52 55 PM

I have also written a pattern for wristwarmers that are based on the Daughter of Dragons Shrug. I think they are cute and fun, too. Something to dress up a plain pullover or something. I have it posted and ready for purchase! Check out my Honeycomb Dragon Wristwarmers!



Not only have I completed those in the last couple of weeks, I have also finished my husbands Dragon Skin Pouch, I even have a pattern written up for it. The pouch still needs a fabric lining yet, and I still need to get photos of it, so no pics to share for this project yet.

I’ve also done a bit of “nitpicking” editing on my Dragon Shrug patterns over the last few days. Still waiting on more input from my testers, especially for the Plus sizes.

Now that I have those projects out of the way, I can concentrate on working on my Grandmother shrug. Still no photos for that yet, either.

Finishing and Beginning

I have finished the dice bag order for my friend. The original order was for 2 small bags and 2 large, but he added on for another large,and will be picking them up on Saturday. I sent him this photo and he seems happy with them.

Photo Oct 06, 8 55 45 PM

I also squeezed in an additional project, I made a necklace for my best childhood friends upcoming 45th birthday. It’s made from my Isabeau pattern. I hope she likes it :)

Photo Oct 07, 5 44 47 PM

I’ve also been working on Keely’s Daughter of Dragons Shrug. I’m about halfway done with the second sleeve, then comes the seaming, the neckline, and the wrist-lace to match the 1st sleeve. The lace that will be on Keely’s will not be in the pattern for the shrug, she chose it from a pattern online that she liked. The lace I will be including in the pattern will be a simple honeycomb openwork design that I thought worked well with the scales of the shrug. (info for testing this pattern in THIS POST)

Keely’s chosen wrist-lace

Photo May 01, 2 16 08 AM~*~

Wrist-lace for the written pattern

Photo Apr 30, 3 26 38 AM

I am still working on my grandmothers shrug too, but I haven’t any photos of that yet. Her’s will be a modified version of my original Dragon’s Scale Shrug. She wears a 16″ back, but wants looser “large” sleeves that are 3/4 length, in tan size 10 thread.

I also have a barrette order to make yet. Another  friend of mine ordered it as a Yule gift for another friend of hers. I pre-purchased a wide black barrette for which I will be crocheting small thread snowflakes and gluing them to the barrette.

Still working on Raven’s Dragon (Scale) Skin Dice bag. It’s my “Purse Project”, I keep a wrist pouch with the project in it in the backpack style bag that I use as a purse that I take everywhere with me. I’m making it in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in the Lapis (dark greenish teal with sapphire blue metallic) colorway. It’s very sparkly and shiny, so it doesn’t photograph well. I’m thinking about writing this pattern too when it’s finished. This one is going to be rather large, I’m almost done with 1 ball (202yds) of the yarn and I just bought a second to be able to finish it. I think he might want to be able to fit a deck box (Magic: The Gathering) in it along with his dice.

Photo Oct 07, 7 42 42 PM

Yesterday, I was able to spend some of my yarn allowance and got 5 balls of Patons Lace Sequins in the Smoky Quartz colorway.

Photo Oct 07, 7 06 50 PM

I want to make a shrug out of that for myself. I did up one pattern round in the Dragon Scale and, because of the sequins, I used the recommended hook size on the label and adjusted the stitch count for a size larger hook. The shrug is written for a size 3.25 hook for gauge, and the recommended hook is a 3.50, so it was easy to figure out. I think it’s going to be a cross between my original shrug and Keely’s shrug in design. I guess I’ll figure that out when I get to it. Now to put this aside for later when I have Keely’s shrug done and more on my grandmothers shrug done. I have a bad habit of needing a minimum of 2 project going at the same time.

Photo Oct 07, 7 09 05 PM


Now on to a night of Crochet and MacGyver on Netflix :)

I don’t have to worry about all of that now

I’m finished (as far as I know) with all of the pattern updates, so now I can maybe crochet without that hanging over me and bothering me. Every one of my available patterns have been cleaned up and are ready for download, I even “cleaned” up some of the photos on Photoshop, so hopefully they look a bit more appealing than they used to. Unfortunately, I no longer have a lot of the items to take new photos of because they ended up being gifts for other people and I never made another.

Now I just need to finish getting over these ickies and get my energy and motivation back so I can get my projects finished.


Don’t forget, I’m looking for people interested in testing my Daughter of Dragons Shrug. There are more details about that in THIS POST. I can get the 1st half of the pattern out to begin testing right now.


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