Grandma’s Stash and Patterns Cont.

Earlier this month I posted about my Grandma’s stash and WIPs, well yesterday I finally sorted through the bin that had some yarn and the crochet patterns in it and had a few surprises. I also found the rest of her hooks, including her steel hooks. The major find was an old steno notebook that my Grandma had hand-written a couple of patterns in and an old envelope addressed to her from her sister stamped 1971 with a hand-written slipper pattern in it. There were many issues of the Quick & Easy Crochet digest with dates ranging from the early 80’s to the late 90’s (that I’ve seen so far) and a few issues of Workbasket Magazine. There were also 2 folders filled with loose patterns and a few hardcover pattern books with mainly afghan patterns. There were also what seemed to be tons of empty yarn labels scattered about too.

I moved all of the patterns and books into a smaller bin and condensed all of the yarn into the larger bin. The hooks will be stored with all of my hooks.

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Amigurumi Adipose Pattern Update

The updated pattern is now up for free download. I (hopefully) fixed the stitch count/math problems and I have completely rewritten Rnd 9 of the arm/hand. I hope it’s more understandable now than it was. It seemed that the hand was the most problematic for many people as that was the subject of a lot of emails and messages I had received over the past 6yrs. I have also added a couple of photos of the hand and foot for reference. The pattern still has not been tested, so any errors still in it are mine, so please contact me if any are found. Thanks.

I also changed the name to Amigurumi Adipose from Amigurumi “Fat” Baby. I made the name change decision because of my pattern being featured on 2yrs ago.

I am keeping open the Amigurumi “Fat” Baby FAQ & Errata page for all patterns downloaded before the update today.


"Fat" Baby

About my Adipose Pattern

It’s not like I don’t have tons of projects that I have to finish already, but it seems that after 6yrs, I really do need to rewrite my Amigurumi “Fate” Baby pattern, which means I need to sit down and actually crochet it again. The original pattern had never been tested and I know more now about pattern writing than I did then.

I also found that I even had an error in my math in my errata post, which has now been corrected.

Grandma’s Stash and WIPs

I was going though one of the boxes that has my Grandmothers yarn and found a bunch of unfinished items. Mainly squares and motifs, but also 3 WIP blankets no longer attached to the skein of yarn and some kind of thread project. One piece looks like it could be angel wings. There is also a stiffened and crumpled thread crocheted snowflake that looks like it was at one time attached to something, as evidence of some hot glue still stuck on the back. Some of these I’m sure I could probably do something with, but some should most likely be frogged, but my mind balks at the idea of frogging something that she made.

The ripple blanket that she started is at a point where I could just weave in the ends and wear it as a shoulder wrap. Another blanket, I know from the look and the colors, gray and black, that it was going to be a train, but I’m not sure if the pattern for it is in the box yet and I know that I don’t have the right yarn for it. I could guess that it was probably Red Heart SuperSaver, but with dye lots, and the fact that even though Red Heart SS is still a stiff and rough yarn, it’s not as stiff and rough as it was a good 10-20yrs ago. She had made one of these Train blankets many years ago for my mom in the same colors. There is also what looks to be a simple single crochet blanket started, but the stitches are very uneven and inconsistent, the edges are wavy too. I have a feeling that one was started late in her life with the arthritis and Alzheimer’s affecting her. It’s such a pretty blue variegated yarn too, although its a very rough/scratchy acrylic yarn.

I came across some more of her hooks, a tiny box of split ring stitch markers, and her ruler too.

This box I was going through has a lot of white and light golden yellow-cream-tan-ish yarn. This is the box with all of the pattern pamphlets/booklets/books and a couple of hard cover pattern books in it too. I want to find a home for the yarn before I go though the patterns though.

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Checking In

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, but I really haven’t done very much crochet-wise. With my health, then one of our cats got sick, I was a bit distracted. Unfortunately, although we believed that our cat, Oreo, was improving, we lost him suddenly on Monday of this week. He was only 5-1/2yrs old. He was born in this house also. We also didn’t have internet for about 4 days during all of this.

I’m to be getting “back to work” now though. I have a couple orders to fill, not jewelry yet though although I’m still hoping to sell some. I have 3 dice bags for a custom order, 2 small and 1 large, and my step-grandmother ordered a dragon scale shrug that I need to get started on. I still need to buy the thread for it though. I’ve also talked to my husband about opening an Etsy store, I’m not sure when that will happen yet though.

I recently made myself a Pinterest acct. For the longest time I told myself that I didn’t want, or even need, a Pinterest, but I blame my WordPress blog stats for this. I was checking my stats when I noticed that under “referrers” was a link to Pinterest, so I followed it and saw a couple of my things had been pinned, so I got curious and wanted to so a search, but needed an acct to do so, and well, there I am. Also, because of this, I am getting the urge to knit again, but before I pick up a new knit project, I still have a skirt, shrug, and a sock to finish.

Speaking of WIPs, I still need to finish Keely’s Dragon Shrug and a summer top I started.

RIP Oreo
January 19, 2009 – August 18, 2014
Photo taken on August 14, 2014

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