New Shrug Pattern in the works

I posted last night that I had started the Dragon Shrug for my daughter. I am very excited about this one. My daughter has been helping me design this one, it started with the idea of the first one, then she started asking about some changes and additions and her questions and ideas led to some other ideas of my own. It will have more embellishments than the first and will have a snugger fit and I think it will only be sized from small-large. We realized that the medium size, although it fits well enough, it doesn’t have the snug fit across the back for us that we hoped, it has more of an ease to it. So I guess if you need a snugger fit, go a size smaller :)

I started on the back, but got to a certain point when I realized that the length of the back is dependent on the width of the sleeve at the underarm. I’m not very good at math and I always do better when I have the physical piece to visualize what is needed. I’ve read the “how to’s” of design, with all of the calculations and schematics, but I could never wrap my head around it, I have to get my gauge and stitch count and start to make the image that is inside my head real before I could write anything down. That results in a lot of note taking for me to translate when it get to the point of writing an actual finished pattern and actually doing the math for any additional sizes. This one I have it easy because I did most of the hard parts in the original pattern that I just finished.

Photo Apr 23, 1 32 38 AM

Photo Apr 23, 11 40 20 AM


I am still looking for testers for the original shrug pattern. All info is in THIS POST

Update: Dragon Scale Shrug

I have pretty much completed the blue shrug, except for the ties. I ran out of yarn. I was so close in guessing how much Patons Lace I needed and it now gives me a better idea for how much should be put in the pattern. I still need to get photos of it though.

I also did a couple of adjustments to the original thread version. I still want to dye it, I thought of tea dying, but I started thinking of making raspberry dye. I have tons of raspberry canes in my garden, so I get tons of raspberries every season and I thought it would be pretty in a raspberry/purple color too.

I am still looking for testers for the pattern too. All info can be found in THIS POST and THIS POST.

I have started on another version of the shrug. My daughter co-designed it and I plan on writing that one out to sell also. This one will have a more “younger” look to it. There will be a “spine” down the back of it, the sleeves will have a snugger fit, and there will be lace at the wrist to go down over the hands. I’ll be posting photos of it when I have more of it done.

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I know of the last couple of weeks all I’ve been posting about is the shrug pattern. I am very excited about it and very nervous too. Testing has begun, even though it’s only 2 people so far, and I’m hoping to find more people to test it.

Right now I’m working on the Patons Lace version. I’ve had the back of it done for a couple of weeks now, and I am halfway through the first sleeve. I really think this one will turn out better than my original, because once that one was finished I was able to see what I needed to do differently. I’m am looking forward to getting this one finished. Also, my daughter is home so I will be getting better photos of the first shrug and I hope to get the second one finished before she leaves again.

Speaking of my daughter, she has given me some amazing ideas for another shrug. It will also be done in the Crocodile Stitch, but it will be more “dragon-like”. She said that I need to fashion a “spine” down the middle of the back, the sleeves will have a snugger fit, and there will be a lace “bell flair” at the wrist going over the hand. I have it all visualized and I can’t wait to get started on it, but 1) I have to finish the one I’m working on now, and 2) I need to buy the yarn. She want’s it in the Patons Lace colorway Sachet. I will most likely also have that pattern written to put up for sale, but I don’t know if it will have as many sizes as the one I’m working on right now. I will most likely also make her a “dragon scale” triangle headscarf for her dreadlocks to match her shrug lol Then on top of all of that, my husband wants me to make him a set of dragon scale bracers for his ren faire garb lol


Progress of the first sleeve in the Patons Lace:

Photo Apr 15, 7 59 15 PM

Photo Apr 15, 11 05 06 PM




Update: Dragon Scale Shrug Pattern

The rough draft V.1 is ready and I have testers for the 1X and 2X/3X, 1 tester each so far, but I could use more. I’m still looking for testers for the small, medium, and large, but I could still have additional testers for the plus sizes. The back measurements are 15”x8” (16″x9”, 17”x10”, 18”x11”, 19”x12”, 20”x13”), but the important measurement is for the width (shoulder to shoulder), and I made the sleeve length customizable.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that all of the terminology in the pattern are in US crochet terms: US single crochet = UK double crochet, US double crochet = UK treble, etc…

If interested, please message me on …by Midknight on Facebook or email me at

Also, you can see my original post for more details.

Thanks :)

front and back shrug

Needed: Crochet Testers for Dragon Scale Shrug

Ok, I am much closer to needing testers for my pattern, the first copy of the rough draft is almost ready, so here are some details about the pattern and what I need:

I need testers who are experienced crocheters, who are comfortable working with thread or fine yarn and are familiar with post stitches/working around the post of a previous stitch, who is able to complete this project in a timely fashion. I’m really not sure how long it will take, I know that it took me just shy of 3 weeks to complete the “prototype” without a written pattern, but I would like to have it up for sale sometime in the summer.

I need at least One or Two testers for each size: Small, Medium, Large, 1X, 2X, and 3X.

I designed the pattern so that it can be made in size 10 crochet cotton or Patons Lace, but I’m sure it could be made in any comparable size 2/fine yarn. I don’t quite know what the yardage is yet, but I know that it took over a half ball of the Aunt Lydia’s giant ball of classic crochet cotton (2,730yds) to make my size medium prototype shrug and I’m “guesstimating” it’s going to take approximately 4 balls (1,992yds) of the Patons Lace at 498yrds a ball for a size medium. So I would assume that a small would be just a little less, and for the large and extra large, add another 1 or 2 balls.

The hook size I used is 3.25mm, but a gauge swatch will need to be made. I covered the gauge measurements for both “right side” and “wrong side” for the stitch pattern.

I will especially need help with checking my stitch counts, math, and to make sure everything makes sense and is easy to understand.

Everyone who tests my pattern will get a completed, sale-ready copy for free.

If you’re interested, please message me at my Facebook page, by Midknight, or email at


front and back shrug“Prototype” Shrug