Still Here, Still doing Stuff

I know my posting here has slowed down over the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life takes over again.

Over the last week we were preparing for my parents visit. They live in Florida and I am in Michigan and they move down there from Michigan almost 20yrs ago. about 2 and a half years ago, my Grandmother passed away. This was the Grandmother who had taught me how to crochet. Over the last couple of years my mom had been going through her mothers stuff, sorting into what to pass on to whom over my moms 2 siblings and their children. There are 12 of us grandchildren, and so many more great-grandchildren that my Grandmother had. Since I am the only on out of all of the grandchildren to have learned how to crochet, I got what was left of her stash and all of her pattern books. I found her hooks kind of scattered through the yarn. My parents came over on Thursday to visit and drop off 8 boxes of stuff, the majority of it being my grandmothers yarn stash. My favorite is the 6-100yd balls of gold/gold metallic size 10 thread brand new, never been opened.
Photo Jul 25, 12 49 39 AM
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 07 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 11 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 41 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 07 PM

I haven’t even begun to go through the old pattern booklets in this bin yet.
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 32 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 19 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 33 30 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 32 58 PM

“Insert Witty Title Here”

The hubby took me shopping today at JoAnns! I got 5 more balls of crochet cotton, 4 of which are new colors, well, colors that I didn’t have in my stash yet anyway, and 2 necklace stands so I can take better photos of my necklaces. One is black velvet and the other is an off-white weave. I’m hoping to increase my crochet cotton color selection gradually over the next couple of months too. That means I need to make color swatches for the new colors and take better photos for the Shops available thread colors page.

Some friends of mine suggested that I should try my hand at some Steampunkish style necklaces after I did the one with the circle and flower motif a couple of weeks ago. So I think I’m going to look into getting some accessories, like gears/cogs type things and maybe glass pearl beads, to embellish the motifs with. I know a lot of people who are really into Steampunk, so I’m hoping I do this right! I’m not “into” Steampunk myself, but it interests me the more I learn about it, almost to the point that if I had the money, I could probably really get into it. I’ve always been a “Ren Faire” person, especially after working at The Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI for over 10yrs with a few different Artisans, so Steampunk wouldn’t be too far off for me LOL

I was also thinking about making pins for removable embellishments for certain necklaces, like my new Lattice & Lace necklace. Ever since I started my Shop, I just keep getting new ideas in my head that need to come out and I really hope people like them.

While I’ve been working on these necklace projects, coming up with new ideas, and getting ready for a (hopefully) big sale on my Facebook Page, I’ve noticed that I’m a bit OCD with numbers. It’s weird. If I’m working on something that has some kind of pattern in it, it has to have odd numbers, especially something to do with 3, 5, or 7, or a multiple of one of those numbers, or the piece doesn’t look right to me. If I’m working in the round, I have to start with either 5 or 7 stitches. When I was making the 2-round Irish Rose for a necklace, the original pattern called for 6 petals, but I had to make 7, because any other way seemed wrong to me. I guess I’m just weird that way.

Anyway, I think I need to get off here and get back to cleaning out the area for my expanding crochet cotton stash :)

After 4 and a Half Days without Electricty,

this is what happens while sitting around with only battery powered lamps and candlelight.

I think the last one needs some embellishment though, like some little flowers or something.

Photo Jul 08, 8 03 23 PM

Photo Jul 08, 8 04 50 PM

Photo Jul 09, 1 11 06 AM

We just got our power turned back on yesterday afternoon after it was turned off on July 4th and today was the first time I was able to get onto the laptop.

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