Checking In

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, but I really haven’t done very much crochet-wise. With my health, then one of our cats got sick, I was a bit distracted. Unfortunately, although we believed that our cat, Oreo, was improving, we lost him suddenly on Monday of this week. He was only 5-1/2yrs old. He was born in this house also. We also didn’t have internet for about 4 days during all of this.

I’m to be getting “back to work” now though. I have a couple orders to fill, not jewelry yet though although I’m still hoping to sell some. I have 3 dice bags for a custom order, 2 small and 1 large, and my step-grandmother ordered a dragon scale shrug that I need to get started on. I still need to buy the thread for it though. I’ve also talked to my husband about opening an Etsy store, I’m not sure when that will happen yet though.

I recently made myself a Pinterest acct. For the longest time I told myself that I didn’t want, or even need, a Pinterest, but I blame my WordPress blog stats for this. I was checking my stats when I noticed that under “referrers” was a link to Pinterest, so I followed it and saw a couple of my things had been pinned, so I got curious and wanted to so a search, but needed an acct to do so, and well, there I am. Also, because of this, I am getting the urge to knit again, but before I pick up a new knit project, I still have a skirt, shrug, and a sock to finish.

Speaking of WIPs, I still need to finish Keely’s Dragon Shrug and a summer top I started.

RIP Oreo
January 19, 2009 – August 18, 2014
Photo taken on August 14, 2014

Photo Aug 14, 5 49 29 PM

5-Color Spiral Dice Bag

This past weekend, while my boys and I were hanging out at D20 Cafe, I thought wouldn’t be fun to make a bag in 5 colors? How hard would it be? Well, It wasn’t hard, just a lot of twisted yarn, but the result was pretty cool. The co-owner of D20, John, absolutely loved it. I made it in the 5 common Magic The Gathering colors: black, red, green, blue, and white. I only had one complaint from a D20 customer/MTG player; the colors were in the wrong order, he said. Well, the next one I make I will have to look at the back of a Magic card to get the color order, I guess. This bag turned out a bit larger than the ones I was calling “large” in my last post, so those have been demoted to “medium” bags.

While I was at D20, I finished a 2-color spiral bag, then started and finished the 5-color one. The other co-owner, Jess (she and John are married), set up a spot in the display case and made a sign to sell my bags. Both she and John are very happy with they way they look, functionality, and the choice of sizes I made. They showed me the ones they were getting from a distributor and said they think mine are better.

We are going back there this weekend and I’m planning on having a couple more color choices, since all I had made at the time were blue, green, and white, with a single 5-color one. I have 1 of each small and medium in red finished and had started a green/black spiral, which I have a feeling my husband is going to want for his Ghave deck. He said almost asked for a 3-color green/black/white, because those are the colors of the deck, but he decided not to.

Of course while I’m there I’ll be making more bags while my boys play in the MTG tournament :)

Photo Aug 02, 9 38 25 PM

Photo Aug 02, 9 02 09 PM

Photo Aug 02, 9 02 23 PM

Photo Aug 02, 10 22 24 PM

I have been debating making a page in my shop for these bags too. They are useful for things other than dice and I can make them in other colors than just the 5 MTG ones.

Dice Bags!

In the Village of Pinckney, Michigan on Main St, there is this cute little shop/cafe that just opened earlier this year called D20 Cafe. They buy and sell collectable card games, like Magic; The Gathering, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh!, and others, along with gaming accessories, like card sleeves, playmats, and loose dice. They also buy and sell old video games and consoles, collectable and vintage toys, and they welcome consignment from local crafters and artists. The cool thing about this shop is that you can get coffee (Ann Arbor’s own Zingerman’s coffee, yum!), Italian Soda, other drinks, and snacks, hang out and play games for as long as you like (as long as they are open, anyway). They also have scheduled events, like “Friday night Magic” and other tournaments. There is also an adorable resident kitty named Ajani.

The owners are husband and wife, John and Jess, and they enjoy playing various games, especially MTG, with their customers and are very friendly, outgoing people. I play these games also, but very rarely. It really depends on my mood, but I enjoy watching others play. I like to go there with my husband and youngest son (still trying to get my eldest son and daughter there) and I always have my crochet with me. During one of the visits I was working on a dragon scale dice bag for my husband, when Jess told me that they take consignment and is interested in me making dice bags for the shop in the 5 colors from MTG, so of course I said sure! On Sunday I finally picked up some Red Heart SuperSaver in red, green, blue, white, and black and started on making a small inventory of bags. I’m doing small and large double drawstring pouches in each single color and large double drawstring pouches in a 2-color spiral. In my initial batch of bags, I’m making 5 small and 5 large in single colors, and 10 2-color spiral large bags in the Ravnica Block Guilds colors. So far I have blue and green done.

Large bags

Photo Jul 28, 8 57 47 PM

Small bags

Photo Jul 28, 8 58 12 PM

2-color spiral

Photo Jul 29, 10 36 02 AM

Photo Jul 29, 10 34 38 AM

Photo Jul 29, 10 45 40 AM

Still Here, Still doing Stuff

I know my posting here has slowed down over the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life takes over again.

Over the last week we were preparing for my parents visit. They live in Florida and I am in Michigan and they move down there from Michigan almost 20yrs ago. about 2 and a half years ago, my Grandmother passed away. This was the Grandmother who had taught me how to crochet. Over the last couple of years my mom had been going through her mothers stuff, sorting into what to pass on to whom over my moms 2 siblings and their children. There are 12 of us grandchildren, and so many more great-grandchildren that my Grandmother had. Since I am the only on out of all of the grandchildren to have learned how to crochet, I got what was left of her stash and all of her pattern books. I found her hooks kind of scattered through the yarn. My parents came over on Thursday to visit and drop off 8 boxes of stuff, the majority of it being my grandmothers yarn stash. My favorite is the 6-100yd balls of gold/gold metallic size 10 thread brand new, never been opened.
Photo Jul 25, 12 49 39 AM
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 07 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 11 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 41 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 07 PM

I haven’t even begun to go through the old pattern booklets in this bin yet.
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 32 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 19 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 33 30 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 32 58 PM