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New Patterns now for Purchase

I now have the Daughter of Dragons Shrug and the Plus Sizes pattern for the Dragon Scale Shrug up and ready for purchase.

Daughter of Dragons Shrug can be found HERE, on Ravelry, and on Craftsy

Dragon Scale Shrug Plus Sizes can be found HERE, on Ravelry, and on Craftsy

Both for $5.00 each


Dragon Scale Shrug


In other news, I am back to working on the shawl eBook. This is my first, so I’m not sure when I will be finished with it yet. Also, my exciting news! Not gonna say yet, but I should be making my announcement at the end of this month/beginning of October, So stay tuned!


Thread Crocheted Dragon Scale Shrugs – The Very First & The Very Last Made

Finally, just over a month and a half of finishing it, the custom Dragon Scale Shrug has been mailed to Florida and given to my Step-Grandmother. My Mother informed me that she loves it and it fits her very well.

My Mother sent me a photo and I’ve been given permission to post it:

Photo Feb 27, 1 24 17 PM

The white one that my Mother is wearing, is the very first one I ever made. It’s the one that I based my pattern from, and the reason why I learned how to do the Crocodile Stitch. I began it March 22, 2014 and finished it April 10, 2014. My parents came for a visit that summer and I gave it to my mom. When they returned to Florida, my grandma saw it and asked if I could make one for her also. It took me longer to make that one, starting it September and not finishing it until after the Holidays at the beginning of January. But then, I was big time multitasking in the projects at that time, too.

Both shrugs were made with Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton in White and Natural, using the giant 2730yd balls of thread.

Hooded Dragon Scale Shrug, and a Couple of Other Updates

It’s finished! I still would like a different name for it instead of Hooded Dragon Scale Shrug though. My daughter called it Dragon Hunter, but we shall see.

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. For awhile after I finished it, I felt that it was missing something, like some kind of edging along the bottom of the front panels, but after wearing it on Christmas, I now think it’s just fine the way it is.

The majority of the make up is in the Crocodile stitch, but I also used the Fairy Shell stitch, the same stitch I used for my Faerie Blossom wristwarmers, from the book “Crochet Stitches Visual™ Encyclopedia“, for the front panels and the hood.

For the closure I used a pin that I had that I thought looked cute on it. My daughter had an idea for a jewel closure, by taking a gemstone or a plastic/glass faceted jewel and attaching it to a pin backing. I really like that idea, because I can make a few pins of different colored jewels for a changing splash of color when I wear it. Before That, I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to do for a closure. I thought about buttons or snaps, but I like the pin idea better.

About writing this up in a written pattern format, I’ve been waffling on the idea. I realized after it was finishing that It’s not something that I could easily translate into other sizes. I, myself, am a very small framed individual and this is custom made to fit me. If my daughter wanted to wear it, I doubt she’d be able to get her hands through the sleeves, because I made it so the forearms between the cuff and the first increase before my elbow is a snug fit and I even have to squeeze my hands through that part, and I have very small hands.

If I do write this, it would definitely be a pattern for the experienced stitcher. I would only give the starting stitches for the cuffs on the sleeves and the beginning of the hood, but everything else, all measurements, from the width/length of the back and front, the length of the sleeves, even when to start the increases and how many increases to make for the sleeves, would be left to the individual crocheter. This would definitely be a project made to fit the individual it’s being made for. Of course, I would have the stitch patterns and finishing all written out and a stitch gauge to get started. It also definitely would not be a free pattern.

Photo Dec 26, 3 31 09 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 30 21 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 29 53 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 30 03 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 46 30 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 56 19 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 50 52 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 49 43 AM

Photo Dec 26, 3 59 17 AM

Another project that I worked on was a custom order for a friend of mine. It was a Yule Gift and I really couldn’t post anything about it until after she received it and gave it to the recipient. It was mailed, gifted, and well received by the recipient. What she ordered was a barrette with crocheted snowflakes. So I made a small collection of small snowflakes, stiffened them in a white glue/water solution with fine iridescent glitter, played with the combination until I was happy, then used a clear gel tacky glue to attach them to the barrette.

Photo Dec 12, 5 46 32 PM

Photo Dec 12, 6 51 34 PM

Photo Dec 12, 6 52 54 PM

The same friend just made another special order for a custom button closure cuff bracelet 🙂

My grandmothers shrug. I have not forgotten that, and I have been keeping my mother updated on the progress. All I have left to do on that is seam the pieces together, crochet the collar and edging, and make the ties. Then ship it down to Florida.

The Wristwarmers Adventure and Other Stuff

‘Tis the Holiday Season! It’s Snowing on WordPress!

I’ve been so busy crocheting what feels like tons of wristwarmers for everyone! It all started out as a request from my husbands cousin for a pair of wristwarmers after she had bought a pair at a craft bizarre when we were in Chicago.

But before I get into the story, I have to announce a new Free Pattern! Yes, it is another pair of Wristwarmers, called Diamond Tweed Wristwarmers, and you can download them for free HERE on WordPress, on RAVELRY, or on CRAFTSY! I also have a story behind these also, but I’ll get to that later 🙂



Dragon Scale Shrug Pattern now for Purchase!

You can purchase the PDF for download either HERE or on Ravelry for $5.00

This for the 15″, 16″, & 17″ shoulder to shoulder measurement sizes (small, medium, & large) only. The pattern for the Plus sizes, 18″, 19″, & 20″, are still in testing.

Dragon Scale Shrug

Dragon Scale Head Kerchief – Free Pattern

My first WordPress Exclusive Pattern!

This simple Crocodile Stitch Head Kerchief was something I promised myself that I would make for my daughter if I had yarn left from making her shrug. Well, I did and here it is. I thought I would share how I made this in pattern format and I though it could go hand-in-hand with my photo tutorial, Crocodile Stitch – Increases, if you are new to this technique.

This is actually easy to make, but it’s not really for brand new beginner crocheters, maybe advanced beginner, if you are familiar to working around the post of a stitch. For intermediate/advanced crocheters, this should be no problem at all to make.

Now also available in Knitsy Magazine Issue #25!


Adult One Size Fits Most – Measures 18″ from center of scale end to end of row 26 or about 42” including the ties


4.50mm hook
Patons Lace in Sachet or any 2/fine weight yarn

Stitches used are in US terminology

Terms used with abbreviations:

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
slst -slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)

Crocodile Stitch – Increases – Photo Tutorial, if needed


(Click Thumbs for full size)

Photo Nov 03, 12 29 34 PM

Photo Nov 03, 12 39 38 PM

Photo Nov 03, 12 30 49 PM

Photo Nov 03, 12 41 20 PM

Special Stitch:

Make Scale:
Working around designated double crochet stitches, make 5dc around the post of the first dc, ch1, make 5dc around the next dc. Scale made.

Note: This pattern has not been tested. Please let me know if there is anything that is unclear. Thanks 🙂



Row 1: ch3, dc in 3rd ch from hook.

Row 2: ch2, make scale around ch and dc.

Row 3: ch2, dc in same st, ch2, dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in end top corner dc on scale.

Row 4: ch2, make scale around 2dc just made, ch1, skip dc and ch2 spaces, make scale around next 2dc.

Row 5: ch2, dc in same st, ch2, dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in next dc and around ch1, ch2, dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in end top corner dc on scale.

Row 6: ch2, make scale around 2dc just made, ch1, skip dc and ch2 spaces, make scale around next 2dc, ch1, skip dc and ch2 spaces, make scale around next 2dc.

Row 7: ch2, dc in same st, ch2, dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in next dc and around ch1, ch2, dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in next dc and around ch1, ch2, dc in center of scale, 2dc in end top corner dc on scale

For all even rows, 8 through 26: ch2, make scale around 2dc just made, ch1, skip dc and ch2 spaces, [make scale around next 2dc, ch1, skip dc and ch2 spaces, make scale around next 2dc] repeat to end of row.

For all odd rows, 9 though 25: ch2, dc in same st, ch2, [dc in center of scale, ch2, 2dc in next dc and around ch1, ch2], dc in center of scale, 2dc in end top corner dc on scale.

26 rows = 13 scale rows. At the end of row 26, there should be 13 scales made.

If you need this a bit larger, just add another row or 2, continuing as established before beginning row 27.

Row 27: ch2, (wrong side facing) slst in the center of the first scale, ch1, sc in the same space. [ch2, sc in the center of the next scale], repeat to end, finish off.


Row 1: ch40 loosely. With right side facing of the kerchief, join with a sc in the 1st sc of row 27 of the kerchief, [3sc in the next ch2 space, sc in next sc], across to end. ch41 loosely.

Row 2: turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in all sts across to end of the beginning ch40.

Row 3: turn, slst in every sc to end. Finish off.

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More photos behind the “cut”


Much Crocheting, and Some Pattern Editing, Today

Working on my Grandmothers shrug, even though it’s only slightly modified in the sleeve to make it a 3/4 length instead of full length long sleeves, I still need to refer back to my written pattern for the Dragon Scale Shrug. I am now at the shoulder cap of the sleeve and I’m not happy with what I have written, so hence the editing. It’s a minor edit, but it was bugging me. I’ve got the 1st 2 rows (1 scale row) done of the shoulder cap, 16 rows to go. I’ve already had to frog the shoulder cap twice, but I think I got it right now.

Photo Oct 30, 1 34 57 PM


I’m getting very anxious to get this written pattern completely finished and up for purchase! Soon, I hope! I think the smaller sizes will be out before the plus sizes though. I’m more confident on the pattern for the smaller sizes.