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Still Here, Still doing Stuff

I know my posting here has slowed down over the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life takes over again.

Over the last week we were preparing for my parents visit. They live in Florida and I am in Michigan and they move down there from Michigan almost 20yrs ago. about 2 and a half years ago, my Grandmother passed away. This was the Grandmother who had taught me how to crochet. Over the last couple of years my mom had been going through her mothers stuff, sorting into what to pass on to whom over my moms 2 siblings and their children. There are 12 of us grandchildren, and so many more great-grandchildren that my Grandmother had. Since I am the only on out of all of the grandchildren to have learned how to crochet, I got what was left of her stash and all of her pattern books. I found her hooks kind of scattered through the yarn. My parents came over on Thursday to visit and drop off 8 boxes of stuff, the majority of it being my grandmothers yarn stash. My favorite is the 6-100yd balls of gold/gold metallic size 10 thread brand new, never been opened.
Photo Jul 25, 12 49 39 AM
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 07 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 11 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 43 41 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 07 PM

I haven’t even begun to go through the old pattern booklets in this bin yet.
Photo Jul 25, 2 42 32 PM
Photo Jul 25, 2 44 19 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 33 30 PM
Photo Jul 24, 2 32 58 PM


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  1. What a great new stash!

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    July 26, 2014 at 4:07 pm

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